Train your AI, feed your head

Machine learning.  Deep learning.  AI, or artificial intelligence.  Since I read the book The Computer and the Brain written by the mathematician John von Neumann, comparisons between the human brain and computers have always fascinated me.  Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear about the promise of AI, and how it will help […]

All-flash array storage, data reduction and the family SUV

99,999 rolled forward to 100,000. After 5 years of driving my daughters to swim practice and dance class the family SUV has hit 100,000 miles with its fair share of door dings and soda spills.  It is time to start the adventure of buying a new SUV. In some ways it is exciting to start […]

IBM Storage in action at HIMSS17

Today, many healthcare enterprises find themselves dealing with too much data, delivering too little insight. And as we move forward, the challenge will grow. By 2020, it’s estimated that the amount of medical knowledge available to us will double every 73 days, and doctors may have to tackle 200 times the amount of medical data […]

IBM DS8880 zHyperLink: Built on a strong foundation

In my previous blog post, I introduced zHyperLink, which is the latest technology that can be installed on existing IBM DS8880 storage systems. The hardware capability is already included in DS8880 R8.2 storage systems and is intended to speed up DB2 for z/OS transaction processing and improve active log throughput. Now, I’m going to talk […]

Credibility multiplied with IBM Storage

Credibility is one of the most valuable sales assets available. It opens doors and it opens minds. IBM Flash Storage just earned added credibility by placing three finalists in the all-flash storage category of and Storage magazine’s 15th annual Product of the Year competition. This is a big deal for IBM Storage sales. Out […]

Automated data dynamics in hybrid clouds at InterConnect 2017

IBM is devoting an entire track and two keynotes at IBM InterConnect 2017—March 19–23, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada—tailored specifically to storage technology and the intelligence behind hybrid cloud infrastructure. Why are hybrid clouds becoming so desirable for organizations that need agile, flexible and reliable infrastructure for demanding, data-intensive workloads? The answer is the rapid […]

Celebrating a family of software-defined storage leaders

Software-defined storage (SDS) is a solution that separates storage intelligence from the underlying infrastructure. It is intended to enable optimal hardware flexibility as applications interact only with the software, potentially creating many cost and deployment advantages. With SDS driving substantial savings in CAPEX, OPEX and operational manpower needs, enterprises of all types and sizes are […]

IBM all-flash market leadership confirmed

Enterprises around the world make storage purchase decisions based almost exclusively on information and advice from three sources: trusted colleagues, basic product documentation such as data sheets and industry analysts. With three finalists in the All-flash Storage System category of and Storage magazine’s 15th annual Products of the Year competition, IBM has been recognized […]

Vision recognized for IBM Storage and SDI

The vision of IBM Storage and Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is to offer the broadest storage portfolio in the industry, which is optimized for innovation and execution around delivering cognitive and hybrid cloud solutions. But how do we know if we are truly executing our vision? More important, how do our clients know? The recognition […]

IBM POWER8 and OSU advance genomics research through porting

IBM POWER8 is serving a major role in an immensely significant field of science, genomics. Genomics is the study of the genome, the complete DNA within a single cell of an organism. Advances in genomics research have triggered a revolution in understanding the most complex biological systems. Researchers can use DNA sequencing to search for […]

IBM DS8880 zHyperLinks gives low latency access to storage

With the advent of mobile computing, 24/7 online banking and other business demands, the pressures to drive transaction processing are greater than ever, and IBM zHyperlink on DS8880 rises to that challenge. With the IBM DS8880 storage system, IBM is making it easy to accelerate transaction processing for the mainframe. The vision On January 10, […]