Virtual Private Cloud Is Here

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IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is now available.

VPC is the first major release of the next generation of the IBM Cloud platform.

Some of you may be asking: “What is a Virtual Private Cloud?”
Simply put, it is a fully virtualized private network in the public cloud, where you can deploy compute, storage and networking resources dedicated to your business. It has the same networking functionality (routing, security, etc.) as found in IBM Cloud’s “classic” environment, but with greatly simplified provisioning and ongoing management through fully managed services with user-friendly API, CLI, and UI.

Think of it as a private space in a public cloud.

What does this mean for your business?

IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for cloud-native workloads and for linking existing on-premise infrastructure into the IBM Cloud. You get the logical isolation and security of a private cloud with the availability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability of a public cloud. Meanwhile, you can continue to utilize the IBM Cloud “classic” for traditional enterprise workloads, as desired.


IBM Cloud VPC is an agile, secure and cost-efficient offering that delivers three main benefits:

  1. Agility to scale up operations quickly as the business requirements dictate.
  2. Security with strong instance-level security using security groups, subnet level-security with access control lists, and block volume-level security using “bring your own key” support.
  3. Savings in resources, time and money with instant deployment of software-based resources that facilitate the opportunity to focus on business innovations.

IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for:

  • Hosting Cloud-native applications: From simple public websites to complex, multi-tier applications architectures; IBM Cloud VPC enables fast and easy hosting of cloud-native applications securely on a public cloud.
  • Hosting hybrid applications: IBM Cloud VPC securely connects to existing data centers, enabling applications to take advantage of the elasticity, agility, and global reach of a public cloud, while leveraging existing IT investments.
  • Extending existing networks to the Cloud: Move internal corporate applications to the cloud, provide additional capacity, or plan for peak capacity by securely extending on-premises data center networks into IBM Cloud VPC.


If you have not already done so, please make sure to check out this video to learn more about
hybrid cloud in general: Hybrid Cloud Explained

If you would like to explore the potential benefits for your business with IBM Cloud VPC, please do not hesitate to contact me at

IBM Cloud Platform Leader Nordic

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