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Do you need the ultimate public cloud for your business that covers the new data protection and has security leadership, open source innovation, and more enterprise grade capabilities?

Until recently it was enough that you could migrate relatively simple applications and workloads to the cloud. Public cloud has been used until recently mostly to test new technologies and extending existing applications. But the world has changed. The growing need for agility and readily accessible data to quickly create new insights and customized features comes with the demand for secure solutions in enterprise cloud, especially for regulated industries. At the same time, it must be surrounded with compliance and security, possibility to manage across clouds and IT, and tangible delivery methods. Listen to the video, where I share my perspective on how to get the full benefit of your cloud journey.

IBM Cloud delivers enterprise grade workload capabilities, market-leading data and app protection, and open source innovations that the world’s largest and most complex enterprises demand, including 47 of the Fortune 50.

Quite recently we announced that IBM Cloud has enhanced the public cloud portfolio with a wide array of new cloud security, data and app protection, open source innovation, and enterprise grade services to help enterprises, especially those in regulated industries, modernize and build new applications. More details of our announcement around these areas you can read from General Manager of IBM Cloud, Harish Gramas blog.

I am proud to share that in Nordicregioncompanies like SimCorp,, Decision Focus and Asteria have chosen IBM’s public cloud to run their dynamic, demanding, secured mission-critical workloads and transform operations.

At the same time elsewhere, we are e.g. developing the world’s first financial services-ready public cloud with e.g. Bank of America. Read more of our collaboration here.

So why have so many clients chosen IBM’s public cloud?

Security leadership, including data protection advancements, open innovation and enterprise grade capabilities all in one place

When it comes to moving sensitive and confidential data to the cloud, especially in regulated industries, security is of utmost importance because many of these enterprises must handle large quantities of highly sensitive personal data spread across numerous environments. To help meet these demands, IBM’s public cloud has extended its security offerings to protect data in-memory, in-flight, and at-rest.  These extensions include e.g. “keep your own key” to VMware and Cloud Object Storage, based on the IBM Cloud Hyber Protect Crypto Service, beta of IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Servers, extended protection for data in-use and many other features. You can read more from the announcement blog by General Manager of IBM Cloud, Harish Grama. Listen to the video and get my perspective on cloud security and why we should think differently than we have done in the past.

We have a long history of supporting open source innovation to help clients — including those in regulated industries — embrace cloud with the visibility into the code they’re deploying. We’re helping clients to build and run applications using native cloud services or deploy on managed Red Hat OpenShift on IBM’s public cloud.

IBM’s public cloud offers clients a wide range of choices in how they migrate, provision, and configure critical workloads in the cloud, with broad support for Kubernetes, Knative, Istio, and Cloud Foundry. IBM’s public cloud is the enterprise grade destination for reliable and robust workloads.

Read in more detail what we announced in the area of security leadership, open innovation and enterprise grade capabilities from Harish Grama’s blog from october 2019.


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Statements regarding IBM’s future direction and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice and represent goals and objectives only.

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Director, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software Technical Specialists & Solutioning Nordic

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