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Are you familiar with programming, do you understand basic IT architecture and do you want to be a student worker at IBM – working on projects within IoT, Blockchain, Big Data and Watson?

Starting last year we ran a pilot in Denmark, where we allowed technically skilled students to work with prototyping on real live use cases. This work has delivered substantial value to Clients as well as to the students, who actually got paid to develop core skills relevant to improve the quality of their final Master’s Thesis.

Based on the success in Denmark we have now decided to expand this project to cover all four Nordic countries.

As a “BlueSmartie” you will be part of a prototyping team helping our skilled IT Architects and Sales Executives to demonstrate the value and capability of IBM’s technologies to our clients and Business Partners.

You will also be working with other students to bring some of the projects to the universities. These projects might be built based on your personal interests and innovation. It will be you and your colleagues, who come up with the idea and bring them to life.

IBM can offer you the opportunity to get professional hands-on experience with the IT-industry’s latest technologies and innovations. You will become part of a skilled and innovative professional team in a dynamic work environment with great flexibility both on physical work location and weekly hours contribution based on your availability and the requirements of your study.

If you want to become a “BlueSmartie”, you should apply here.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact:

Denmark: Jan Lillelund at

Finland: Timo Koskinen at

Norway: Loek Vredenberg at

Sweden: Anders Westberg at

Nordic CTO & Technical Sales Executive - Global Markets

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