What’s the difference between an API and SDK

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What is an API and what is an SDK? How are they related and enable users to streamline their cloud application development workflows?

In the lightboard video below, Nathan Hekman with IBM Cloud, answers these questions, and much more. Furthermore, he is providing a real-life scenario which explains the difference and similarities. Ultimately, he also explains how the two technologies can work together to allow you to spend less time connecting/configuring a cloud service, and more time coding and actually using the service in your app.

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Additional information on API’s and SDK’s

Are you curious to learn even more about the topic? Then I will recommend a few resources in which you can probably find the answers to most of your questions. In our API Guide, you will find lots of information covering everything from how they work, why we need them, and practical examples. Moreover, you can also consider checking out our REST API Guide.

If you are ready to continue your API journey our API Handbook should be of great help, providing a set of standards, styles, and best practices for IBM Cloud APIs. Also, make sure to check out the IBM Cloud API and SDK reference library.

Last but not least, I will also like to recommend you check out the IBM API Connect solution site. The solution is a complete, intuitive, and scalable API platform. It lets you create, securely expose, manage and monetize APIs across clouds. Among many benefits, this means you and your customers can power digital applications and spur innovation even faster.

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