Accelerating HR to Version 3.0 in the Digital Era

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Human resources (HR) functions and processes are rapidly developing in the digital era. Data, skill development, and AI are predicted to be the driving force of changes within the area.

In a new report published by IBM Institute for Business Value, 10 action areas that will transform talent management are exploited. But before we get there, let’s set the scene and discuss why it is so important for organizations to understand, develop, and execute on HR associated activities – now more than ever.

Business environments are constantly changing in today’s dynamic world. Organizations are experimenting with new technologies at a pace like never before – especially the “exponential” because they are so impactful and can scale at a very rapid pace – to utilize the massive amount of data being produced and captured with IoT-devices. Moreover, businesses use these new technologies, for instance AI, to build new scalable platforms, business models, and to restructure work-flows across their ecosystems.

Figure 2 shows five imperative for the future of HR in the digital era

Furthermore, COVID-19 has obviously accelerated the pace of almost everything within the adoption and use of technology – especially how works get done in remote working environments is gaining ground.

That said, at the heart of all these changes are the people behind them; those who make them, implement them, and who are directly and indirectly affected by them. And with lower human contact due to the pandemic, organizations must become “humanized”, secure their remote workers are kept engaged, foster trust during uncertain times, and prepare their work-force for whatever challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead.

However, it appears that HR executives are unsure how best to evolve their operating model to HR 3.0. Which programs and activities should they prioritize? What investments will accelerate the journey?

That is exactly what you can expect to learn by reading the new report from IBM Institute for Business Value. A few hints: Transparency, leadership, agility and data are some of the keywords.

Read the report!

Also, remember to check out how IBM HR Transformation can help you reinvent the HR function, enhance the employee experience, and build skills for the digital era right here.

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