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As the coronavirus pandemic caused lockdowns around the world during the month of March, we were rapidly forced to work from home. To stay updated under these new circumstances, I turned to the use of the virtual tool of webinars and initiated a series titled How Nordic Companies Are Using IBM Solutions.

The webinars consisted of 11 sessions each with a focus on use cases from the Nordics, revolving around various reference stories to elaborate on IBM solutions that help companies gain tangible business value. Over the course of three months; from April to June, key experts and speakers within their respective fields provided insightful knowledge and inspiration on various subjects. This blog post is to provide an overview of the webinar series and let you know that they are still available on demand. Click the titles to register.

A diverse selection of topics in How Nordic Companies Are Using IBM Solutions

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  1. How Nordic Companies Are Using: AI Technology To Improve Customer Service
    In this webinar, transformation architect Henrik Toft looked at Nordic examples that apply IBM’s AI technology in customer service within the financial-, wholesale- and public sector.
  2. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Think 2020 Efficiently
    Event strategist
    Tarja Laporanta focused on the global, free event of Think 2020 that took place on May 5-6 as a digital-first experience.
  3. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IoT Technology to Improve Asset Maintenance
    Here, transformation architect Henrik Toft presented examples of how Nordic companies are using IoT technology to improve uptime and lifespan of physical assets.
  4. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Intelligent Cybersecurity
    In this webinar, Director of Security & Software Sales from Origo – IBM’s Icelandic partner – Anton Egilsson elaborated on the intelligent security solution QRadar SIEM platform, with the support of Morten Wibe from IBM Security.
  5. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Sustainable IT From Iceland I
    The advantages of sustainable IT solutions from Iceland were addressed by Origo’s Arnthor Reynisson and Otto Johannsson, taking a point of departure in Origo’s intelligent storage archiving solution Aurora DataCloud that was awarded the IBM Beacon Award.
  6. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Garage Methods & AI Ethics
    Member of IBM Academy
    of Technology, Phaedra Boinodiris, focused on the upside as well as ethical questions of AI, while Agile Project Manager, Filip Knudsen, presented the valuable opportunities of IBM’s Garage method.
  7. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Storage Solutions Smarter and Simpler
    In this webinar, Andrew Martin from IBM Systems elaborated on how Nordic companies are applying IBM storage solutions in smarter and simpler ways to optimize their business.
  8. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Public Cloud Successfully
    Here, Henning Glegg-Soerensen from IBM Public Cloud assessed how SimCorp uses the IBM Public Cloud to expand their business to the financial services sector community globally.
  9. How Nordic Companies Are Using: IBM Services to Overcome Destructive Cyberattacks
    Nordic Business Development Leader
    Martin Mølvig covered the fundamentals of what may happen during a cyberattack, and how to perform rapid IT reconstruction and minimize risks.
  10. How Nordic Companies Are Using: Sustainable IT From Iceland II
    Centered around HPC and 100% green technology from Iceland, this webinar had Vala Valthorsdottir from Iceland’s national power company, Landsvirkjun, discuss how they sustainably power the future, and the CEO of Etix Everywhere Borealis, Björn Brynjúlfsson, address how to offer sustainable and economic data center solutions.
  11. How Nordic Companies Are Using: API Integration to Optimize Business
    Here, the advantages of API integration to support you in optimizing your business, were addressed by Peter Brabec from IBM Europe and Anton Egilsson from Origo.

The 3-webinar series IBM Summer Camp: Journey to Cloud

In the end of June and start of July we arranged a 3-webinar summer camp that focused on the journey to IBM’s cloud solution, which reached over 300 attendants. Read more about this webinar series here.

webinar 2


More webinars to be launched in the fall and winter

I would like to thank all that participated and interacted with us during these webinar sessions. In the upcoming fall we will continue conducting webinars, as we have already planned two webinars to take place in the beginning of September. The mini-series is titled Manage Your Unstructured Data Explosion and will focus on IBM’s Cloud Object Storage solution. Read more and sign up here!

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If you have any questions or suggestions for topics to cover, feel free to contact me at niklasp@dk.ibm.com

Country Manager Iceland, IBM

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