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March 19—22, 2018

Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas, NV

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What you'll find
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Visionaries, inventors, experts, thinkers. Hands-on labs, certifications, think tanks. Room to play, learn, discover. Technology that is changing the planet. We want to learn from you. Call for speakers opens soon.

What the world is thinking about

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Learn to innovate in the cloud

You can build a chatbot that will help motorists save over $4 million with free legal advice.

Evolve your defenses, seamlessly

IT analysts at thousands of companies can monitor nearly 35 billion security events a day, 50% faster than ever.

Explore manufacturing with a purpose

Engineers can use IoT data from millions of sensors to predict errors before they happen and keep everything, from sports cars to wind turbines, running more smoothly.

Discover deep customer engagement

Every touchpoint is an opportunity to engage customers. Are you ready? Thousands of customer service agents can resolve issues 70% faster— saving their companies $11.2 million dollars a year, while deepening customer engagement and loyalty.

Reimagine transactions, disrupt the norm

With Blockchain solutions, logistics managers can anticipate disruptions and orchestrate transactions in global supply chains spanning thousands of miles and dozens of countries —lowering costs and improving predictability and efficiency.

Brilliant thinkers make inspiring speakers.

Call for speakers opens soon.

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