Bring your floor plans to life with indoor mapping

The IBM TRIRIGA and Esri ArcGIS Indoors partnership means you can add interactive indoor maps and make building navigation easier for everyone 

By | 2 minute read | November 10, 2020

IBM TRIRIGA and Esri ArcGIS Indoors have partnered so you can add interactive indoor mapping and make building navigation easier for everyone 

Even as our workplaces are changing, there’s always the desire to take building management to the next level. Take space, for instance. There’s a wealth of helpful information in every floor plan, especially as you look for ways to keep people safer. For example, as floor plans change to accommodate social distancing, how easy will it be for your users to find their new assigned space? Is there an opportunity to look ahead and create an amazing occupant experience for the future?

Smart building mapping with Esri

That’s why IBM has partnered with the global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS), Esri. This partnership gives you the combined power of TRIRIGA’s comprehensive IWMS for real estate and facility management with Esri ArcGIS Indoors’ complete indoor mapping system. The result: smart building mapping that brings TRIRIGA floor plans to life.

Imagine adding interactive indoor maps into the experience for employees , and visitors as well as building management and maintenance staff. Envision the new ways you could engage with building occupants. It’s a great opportunity for improved wayfinding, productivity, and workplace experience in your facilities.

IBM TRIRIGA and Esri ArcGIS Indoors have partnered so you can add interactive indoor mapping and make building navigation easier for everyone 

What can you do with better data visualization and indoor mapping?

When you leverage the wealth of building data and floor plans already in TRIRIGA and visualize it with Esri ArcGIS Indoors smart building mapping, you have the power to:

  •  Improve safety and workplace experience for your employees and visitors through enhanced TRIRIGA Apps: allow people to navigate their space and easily locate amenities, colleagues, collaboration spaces, and appointments from the apps they use day-to-day
  • Deliver workplace services directly from the interactive floorplans: reserve rooms, report issues or search for space information in an app, in a web browser, or from a kiosk
  • Provide effortless wayfinding across a campus: enable employees, visitors, and maintenance staff to quickly find where to go and the best way to get there to minimize disruption to their work
  • Visualize spatial data across the portfolio: easily scale to your entire portfolio to help workspace planners prepare safer indoor environments with floor-aware indoor maps based on their CAD / BIM drawings and TRIRIGA data.

Find out even more about indoor mapping at TRIRIGA University

To learn more about this partnership and how you can use indoor mapping technology, watch the new TRIRIGA Academy session: “Enhance TRIRIGA floor plans with interactive indoor maps” and listen to the replay for our LinkedIn Faculty Friday with Alex Melamed, Senior Offering Manager for IBM TRIRIGA and Beau Ryck, Business Development Manager, Esri Smart Cities, as they discuss the importance of easy wayfinding, digital enablement, and how workplace services help us in a new hybrid working model.

Contact your TRIRIGA sales representative for information on how to get started or schedule a consultation.

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