By Darren Surch on 16 May 2024

IBM Professional Certificates: IBM Skills Benchmarks for Mainframe Security Administrators

IBM has released 2 new IBM Professional Certificates to benchmark the skills required by early tenure mainframe security professionals. IBM has collaborated with Interskill Learning to provide the two comprehensive learning paths of online mainframe security courses, videos, assessments, and exams that teach the foundation level and intermediate level skills required by this key mainframe […]

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By Darren Surch on 17 July 2023

IBM Releases 16 New IBM Digital Badges for z/OS Mainframe

IBM has released 16 new mainframe focused IBM digital badges mapped to IBM Training Partner Interskill Learning’s release of new and updated z/OS elearning courses. They form part of Interskill’s online resource of over 300 mainframe courses, simulations, videos, assessments, and labs, all benchmarked by over 130 IBM Skills Badges and Professional Certificates. For more […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 8 February 2023


#WeAreMainframe I saw the #WeAreMainframe hashtag on mainframe social media recently and I wanted to find out more. It is used by Interskill Learning. I reached out to Interskill CEO Darren Surch to ask the story behind the hashtag. Darren explained that Interskill uses the #WeAreMainframe hashtag. From his point of view Interskill is so […]

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By Iris Osper on 26 January 2023

Training and badges for z/OS 2.5 are available. Powered by Interskill

IBM’s Education Partner Interskill Learning announces new online training for: z/OS 2.5 22 new IBM Badges are now available for this Interskill Learning release of over 90 z/OS 2.5 specific elearning courses, simulations, skills assessments, hands-on labs and coaching/mentoring tools. For more about the remarkable impact of IBM Digital Badges on the mainframe industry, see […]

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By sonia.malik on 23 September 2019

Announcing NEW IBM Professional Certificates on Coursera

Josh Bersin states in his article Career Management goes mission critical ; “One of the most disruptive changes in the world of work is the new way we manage our careers. Only a few decades ago people relied on their employers for a career. Today this has radically changed, giving birth to a new set […]

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By Alexander Ziegler on 12 February 2019

Mainframe Skills: A review

Why talking about Mainframe skills Those following my blog know that I’m covering from time to time mainframe topics. I just think it is an interesting area to keep an eye on. Some key topics I covered in the past were Successful Skills, z Scholarship or  Cobol. So, as I got pinged last week from a client around […]

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