IBM Professional Certificates: IBM Skills Benchmarks for Mainframe Security Administrators

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IBM has released 2 new IBM Professional Certificates to benchmark the skills required by early tenure mainframe security professionals. IBM has collaborated with Interskill Learning to provide the two comprehensive learning paths of online mainframe security courses, videos, assessments, and exams that teach the foundation level and intermediate level skills required by this key mainframe job role.

Earning each IBM Professional Certificate requires completion of an extensive 50+ hour learning path and passing rigorous mid-term and final exams! The additional 5 ‘stacked’ IBM Skills Badges earned throughout the learning path, provide motivation that drives training progress and improves overall training outcomes.


IBM Mainframe RACF Security Administrator Level I Certificate

IBM Mainframe RACF Security Administrator Level I Certificate

This certificate validates that the learner has attained a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of data processing in a z/OS environment and can describe the types of disk and tape storage hardware that they will encounter. They can identify and describe the types of resources that need to be secured in a mainframe environment and how the RACF security software can perform this task. Earners of this credential can access core products used on a daily basis by the RACF Administrator for purposes of interacting with RACF (ISPF), submitting batch programs for execution (JCL), and reviewing results (SDSF).



IBM Mainframe RACF Security Administrator Level II Certificate

IBM Mainframe RACF Security Administrator Level II Certificate

This certificate validates that the learner has attained functional knowledge of several key systems and products running on the mainframe – z/OS UNIX, IBM MQ, CICS TS, Db2, and Networking. When providing security for a mainframe environment, it is important to look at the big picture of activity and core products that are running. Earners of this credential will also be able to describe how encryption works and how it is integrated into the z/OS environment and will have attained a high level of knowledge of RACF, enabling them to configure it to secure a wide range of mainframe resources.



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