IBM Professional Certificates: IBM Skills Benchmarks for the Mainframe Industry’s most Pivotal Job-Roles.

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IBM’s skill benchmarking IBM Professional Certificates for new-hire and early-career mainframe Application Programmers, Systems Programmers and Systems Operators, now serve as mainframe career milestones, recognizing foundational, intermediate, and advanced mainframe skills!

IBM has collaborated with Interskill Learning to provide comprehensive learning paths of on-demand mainframe courses, videos, assessments, and exams for each mainframe role. New-hire mainframe professionals begin their careers learning critical foundational skills and earning Level I IBM Professional Certificates. As their careers progress, they learn more and more advanced skills completing the Level II and Level III IBM Professional Certificates.

Earning each IBM Professional Certificate requires completion of an extensive 80+ hour mainframe learning path and passing rigorous mid-term and final exams! The 6-8 ‘stacked’ IBM Skills Badges mainframe professionals earn as they progress through the learning path, provides ongoing motivation that drives training progress and improves overall outcome.

Learn more about IBM’s important mainframe industry credentials and the training that powers them at

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