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Access IBM Skills directly through IBM Marketplace

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IBM’s Marketplace

As of this week you have access to the IBM Digital Learning Subscription for Cloud in the IBM Marketplace.

IBM’s Marketplace is a central place to find IBM’s and IBM’s partners products and services. In their view on marketplaces, Forbes stresses that it is important to have the right content. They are not defining what is right, because every industry and every business has its own specialties…. but the right content must be available

Training and Skills

The central place to find training for IBM’s products and solutions is our  Skills Gateway.  The url is easy to remember : Looking for the right routes to market, it became clear that IBM’s Marketplace is an ideal portal to access training.  It delivers additional value (also an important factor, according to Forbes). It is proven that having access to training improves the usage of a product.


As mentioned above, IBM is adopting its routes to market to match your needs. It makes sense to have training available when you choose a product or service. Will we continue to work on providing additional routes to market for training as the market changes? The answer is a clear ‘yes’.

Will we continue to maintain the Skills Gateway as a central place? The answer is ‘yes’. It is essential to have one entry point.

Setting up additional venues for different audiences is an important strategy. IBM’s Marketplace now plays its own role in this strategy. Will we move everything there? For sure this is a ‘no’. We will consider which items make sense to be there.

The Digital Learning Subscription is, of course, something that makes sense.

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