Interesting items on the web (March 2019)

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The Training & Skills team are voracious readers and we come across so much content on the web that would be of interest. We’re committed to making the most of your time – so we’ve chosen only the “best of the best” of the things we’ve seen this month, and present it here for your consideration.

LinkedIn Learning’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report: Key Findings

In their annual report, they surveyed over 1,200 talent developers and 2,100 workplace learners to create this year’s Workplace Learning Report.

You can download the whole report, published on the website of ‘LinkedIn Learning’ via the following link:


Failing By Degrees: Why College Grads Need Non-College Grads To Succeed

“But here’s a counterintuitive idea: What if this anxiety isn’t just about debt or expected salaries or cost of living—what if it’s also a reflection of career insecurity that is rising from the bottom of our economy up? What if middle-class families and college graduates are sensing that the system failing America’s working class today is likely to fail them soon enough.

Don’t believe me? Look at how our conventional wisdom that learning will translate into earning is already failing. We tell our kids that the further you get in your education, the better your chances will be in the workforce. But that’s not true for the millions of people who check “some college” on their applications, who started college but weren’t able to finish. That group, despite being admitted and gaining much of the same knowledge as graduates, has seen a 12% decline in their income over four decades, similar to those who stopped at high school. They also earn salaries much closer to their peers with only high school diplomas. In fact, the wider college wage premium over the past 30 years is due more to falling non-graduate earnings than to rising graduate earnings.”

You can read the whole article, published on the website of ‘Forbes’ via the following link:


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