Ricardo Rossi

23 May 2018

Tech Data Launches Online IBM Skills Assessment Service in India

Tech Data India is launching a new service aimed at helping students who take IBM instructor led and digital courses, evaluate their competency through pre and post training skills assessments. This new service, available online, will also help students evaluate their readiness level for certification exams.  This completely automated and engaging offering will: Encourage students […]

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10 April 2018

Tech Data / ExitCertified expands iMVP platform to all ILO IBM delivery

As we grow our presence in the IBM Instructor Led training space, Tech Data / ExitCertified are pleased to announce that all IBM Instructor Led Online (ILO) classes delivered in North America now use our iMVP® technology. We will continue to introduce our Individual Multimedia Video Presence (iMVP) training to IBM students globally, expanding into […]

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7 March 2018

Tech Data invests in new Derivative Works and content development

Demand for training in technologies such as Blockchain, Hyperledger and I2 continues to grow. In response, Tech Data has developed a set of Derivative Works that offers comprehensive training, enabling companies to leverage the most value from technical course topics, like: IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook – Advanced Analysis (U59I03G) (Course) Essentials of IBM i2 Analyst’s […]

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13 February 2018

Tech Data launches new IBM Education landing page!

With the training industry development and growth, sometimes students struggle to find all the information they need, and in the IBM space, with all its brands, technologies and business units, it can be challenging to quickly find what you’re looking for. In this context, Tech Data Academy developed an IBM landing page, where students are […]

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1 December 2017

Tech Data Develops a Blockchain Course and a Badge

Blockchain has become a topic of interest for many enterprises in a short period of time.  Its built-in security and robustness is attracting the attention of an increasing amount of companies, and as a result demand has been growing for formal training and education. Tech Data has developed and is pleased to offer an instructor […]

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21 August 2017

Training provided by Tech Data Academy helped global tourism organization move more quickly to the latest version of ‘Campaign’ from IBM

Background A global player in the tourism industry, wanted to replace an old legacy application for managing marketing campaigns with IBM Campaign. For the adoption to be successful, it was important to get two things right.  The time given to rollout the IT project was tight.  Staff had to be trained quickly to ensure minimum […]

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18 August 2017

August Update from Tech Data, an IBM Global Training Provider

The February 27, 2017 acquisition of Avnet’s Technology Solutions division by Tech Data, included Avnet’s Education Services, which operated as one of five strategic IBM Global Training Providers (GTP). As part of the ongoing integration of Technology Solutions into Tech Data, we wanted to make you aware that the IBM GTP formerly known as Avnet […]

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17 July 2017

Increase Training Reach and Effectiveness with ExitCertified’s iMVP™ Virtual Platform

In many industries, the cycle of change and innovation requires you keep up with the latest tech training. But life is fast and sometimes it gets in the way of furthering your education. Traveling to attend a course isn’t always possible. Logging on to a virtual classroom where you can’t engage with the instructor or […]

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22 February 2017

Global Systems Integrator Keeps Pace with Demands of the Enterprise through Innovative Training Solutions

The Challenge A leading global systems integrator (GSI) requires a skilled workforce to tackle the technology shifts in today’s enterprise. In an era of nearly constant change, keeping pace with relevant skills is critical to preserving an effective knowledge-based consultancy. In the last two years, this has been especially true as Cloud and IoT enabling […]

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