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Training provided by Tech Data Academy helped global tourism organization move more quickly to the latest version of ‘Campaign’ from IBM

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A global player in the tourism industry, wanted to replace an old legacy application for managing marketing campaigns with IBM Campaign. For the adoption to be successful, it was important to get two things right.  The time given to rollout the IT project was tight.  Staff had to be trained quickly to ensure minimum business disruption. Plus, being new to IBM Campaign, staff feared there would be complexities they would struggle to master. Yet it was critical they were taught how to make use of all the features to get the most from their investment in the application.


The customer approached Tech Data for their training requirements. The first step was to understand and document the specific customer requirements. Next Tech Data Academy gathered course content and customised it to match the customer’s environment. Extensive past experience with IBM Campaign, helped Tech Data put together a custom course that balanced depth and breadth at a pace that would slow down in complex areas and speed up when dealing with the more simple topics..  The delivery of the workshop had to be synchronize with the overall IT project plan. Tech Data’s training experts took care of everything for the customer, thus minimizing the workload on the customer’s side.


The final course content was highly customized and included real-world scenarios along with live demonstrations. Additionally, IBM labs and test customer environments were used during the workshop to ensure the customer’s staff were confident in applying their newly gained knowledge. Importantly, students were given a safe and supportive environment to learn how to use all the features of IBM Campaign.

Benefits and results

Tech Data delivered the training onsite, meaning the customer had no travel time or costs to budget for. Customised course content and hands-on practice created a highly efficient learning environment. The result was faster skills enablement for the customer. With a firm understanding of IBM Campaign, staff had dismissed any fear around complexity and replaced it with confidence to use even the most sophisticated features within the application. Armed with new skills, the team’s motivation shone through as they worked on new innovative ways to improve business productivity and effectiveness.

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