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Announcing VMware, SAP, Architect certifications and more

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My word for the year is “magic.” But I’m not pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I’m talking about using new opportunities to create innovation that feels like magic. You can learn how at the IBM Center for Cloud Training (ICCT).

In the coming months, ICCT will be center stage where there are plenty of new opportunities for learning and certification.



IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Certification

On January 31, ICCT kicks off its newest certification program, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. In this curriculum, you’ll learn the magic of migrating large-scale VMware environments to one of the most open and secure public clouds – IBM Cloud – using existing tools, technologies, and skills.

You’ll learn how to design, build, and run VMware environments efficiently in IBM Cloud with a curriculum that features a portfolio of five different VMware offerings and includes the opportunity to earn a digital badge as you progress.

ICCT’s self-paced program also allows you to skip the assets you’re already familiar with and focus your time on the modules that matter the most. Stay tuned.

Update coming January 31.



SAP on IBM Cloud certification

On February 14, find your new love with IBM Cloud + SAP.

Introducing the specialty certification, SAP on IBM Cloud, ICCT will help enable you to empower SAP workloads with security, compliance, and choice. Help your organization gain faster time to value, shift capital expense to operating expense, and improve resilience and scalability.

Save the date. February 14: Chocolate, roses, and SAP.

Upgrade for IBM Cloud Professional Architect curriculum

 Also in February, ICCT will introduce our newly streamlined version of the IBM Cloud Professional Architect curriculum, reflecting the latest technologies and best practices for IBM Cloud architecture.

The new curriculum requires an estimated study time of only 12 hours.

The learning path includes an introduction to the Cloud Architect role and courses that focus on the design and implementation of a secure, cloud-native microservices architecture.

Learn more.



Cloud Professional Architect Study Jam

For two hours a day on three consecutive days – March 7-9 – you can join the magic of a quick, intense, and motivating IBM Study Jam as you prepare for the IBM Cloud Professional Architect certification exam.

These dynamic online study programs provide an overview of the topic, a deeper dive into key information to pass the exam, hands-on exercises, and a chance to ask IBM experts your questions.

Sessions will run from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern time US each day, March 7-9.

Mark your calendars.




Cloud Compass online assessment

Find your path to professional certification. With a short questionnaire, IBM Cloud Compass by ICCT helps determine your level of experience. It then selects and recommends the certifications that are most appropriate for you.


Begin your journey today.

Put it all together and you’ll see the real magic of ICCT – where a talented team creates new learning opportunities to help you develop new skills and then apply them in innovative ways.

So, join us. Take advantage of the opportunities and learning we offer to boost your career in 2023.


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