The difference between open source and open governance

When Sun and then Oracle bought MySQL AB, the company behind the original development, MySQL open source database development governance gradually closed. Now, only Oracle writes updates. Updates from other sources — individuals or other companies — are ignored. MySQL is still open source, but it has a closed governance. MySQL is one of the […]

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A guide to monitoring your IBM SoftLayer environment

When you plan on moving any of your workloads to a cloud environment, there are several IT items that are necessary to deeply understand while building the solution design. First, you need to understand what server options are available from the cloud vendor you choose. Next, you may plan for storage, networking, load balancing, security, […]

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Getting started with IBM Bluemix and MySQL

While creating a web application in IBM Bluemix using J2EE and MySQL, my colleagues and I learned a few things about database connectivity that I’d like to share on this platform to help to others. Creating the Java application with MySQL in IBM Bluemix In order to create a Java WebApp, first create an application […]

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