Big data’s new supporter: The Open Data Platform

If you are a technologist like me, you know big data is a big deal—but what is it, and why should we care about it? And how, exactly, do we use it? Big data transforms the way our society processes information and will change the way we think about our world. It allows us to analyze vast amounts of […]

What is Hadoop, and how does it relate to cloud?

With all the recent buzz around Hadoop, you may be asking, “What is Hadoop and what does it have to do with cloud?” Before I answer this, we should discuss big data. Big data: More than just analytics Analytics provides an approach to decision making through the application of statistics, programming and research to discern patterns […]

Cloud computing and big data: An ideal combination

On average, 2.5 billion gigabytes of data is created daily—and it has to live somewhere.

What’s new for IBM Cloud at the 2014 Australian Open?

A tour of the latest offerings from IBM Cloud for the 2014 Australian Open.

May #cloudchat: The rise of the data scientist

For this month's #cloudchat on Thursday, May 9, we will be joined by Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist at bit.ly, to discuss the rise of the data scientist.

Steel and Bridges: Evolving our Big Data Platform

Carnegie is a tremendous book, if you want a deep look into how he transformed from factory worker, to steel magnate, to philanthropist. Hint: it was a lot of hard work and smarts. However, one thing stuck with me from this book: his insights on strategy.

Big data analytics on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

I find it fascinating the idea that anyone can potentially discover something very interesting with huge repercussions using these new technologies enabled with cloud computing. We are on the verge of many breakthroughs, thanks to these technnologies. For example, back in October 2011, I read an article in a newspaper in Toronto about a curious discovery made about the March 2011 Japan earthquake.

Getting started with Hadoop on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

It couldn’t be easier to set up your Hadoop cluster on the IBM SmartCloud Enterprise. It’s also fast! For example, a three-node Hadoop cluster can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

The perfect marriage: Hadoop and Cloud

Hadoop and Cloud working together deliver value. Without Hadoop, users cannot see all the benefits they can get from the cloud. Without the cloud, users cannot see all the benefits they can get from Hadoop.