October 7, 2022 By Laurel Dickson-Bull
Chris Haggan
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Together, IBM and HCL are bringing new and exciting DevOps capabilities.

As you heard James Hunter say in the video, it’s time to move beyond disconnected software development and create a better software delivery experience.

IBM DevOps enables the automation of the software delivery lifecycle. It empowers teams to deliver software value faster by automating non-creative tasks like deployment, testing and release orchestration, and it provides value stream insights so you can continuously optimize your delivery.

IBM’s partnership with HCL combines the best of IBM’s DevOps market leadership and research with HCL’s development resources. Together, IBM and HCL bring new and exciting capabilities to help our customers to deliver reliable and secure software as fast as possible.

IBM DevOps + HCL

IBM DevOps helps software teams do the following:

  • Automate the delivery of any application, anywhere, and track every change.  
    Learn more about IBM UrbanCode Deploy.   
  • Assess quality continuously with automated testing to ensure a positive experience for your end users. Learn more about IBM Rational Test.
  • Virtualize application services for shift-left testing to eliminate testing bottlenecks and ensure application reliability, quality and developer productivity. Learn more about Value Stream Management and IBM UrbanCode Velocity.

IBM understands the challenges businesses face and how important it is that an investment in DevOps automation delivers positive business outcomes.

Both IBM and HCL are making significant investments in IBM DevOps to accelerate the automation of DevOps principles. The phrase “better together” is often used, and IBM and HCL will prove this with exciting new releases from IBM DevOps this year and beyond. 

Put IBM DevOps to work on your projects to optimize your developer productivity, improve the speed of your software delivery and empower your teams to achieve more:

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Evaluation software is available for the following products:

Keep up with IBM DevOps news by following these specialized IBM communities:  

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