September 11, 2020 By Nickolus Plowden 2 min read

It’s not easy to score big on the BARC Score Enterprise BI & Analytics Platforms report, but Cognos® Analytics, a premier business intelligence (BI) platform from IBM®, earned Market Leader status in their latest 2020 analysis.

The Business Application Research Center (BARC GmbH) is a Germany-based business intelligence analyst company whose rigorous analyses take deep, demanding looks at a comprehensive collection of data points in their vendor ratings. The 2020 report includes 5 pages of exacting evaluation criteria. Seventeen criteria for vendor portfolio evaluations include factors such as self-service, automation and advanced analytics.

Why Cognos Analytics is a Market Leader

An AI-infused BI solution, Cognos Analytics is designed to guide users on how best to explore, create and consume analytics and insights from their business data. A single platform supports all BI uses cases and the entire analytics cycle from data preparation to operationalization. Such standardization reflects how users typically think about and access their data and analytics; by leveraging an open and integrated information architecture, clients can implement BI and analytics projects much faster. This ease-of-use, and scalable approach to self-service is a key future direction for modern BI solutions.

The BARC report praises Market Leaders for portfolios that comprise “an extensive range of technologies and services with only few gaps.” Cognos delivers on portfolio diversity through seamless integration with IBM Planning Analytics and cognitive features from IBM Watson® to deliver a suite of analytics tools. These features are built to go beyond identifying what is happening in the business to get to the why and what’s next. And Cognos Analytics is available on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a fully integrated data and AI platform.














Specific strengths of IBM Cognos Analytics include:

  • Well-integrated product for reporting, analysis and dashboards
  • Web-based suite with multiple deployment options – cloud, on-premises and hybrid
  • Comprehensive flexibility for business power users to create planning and analytics applications with IBM Planning Analytics using a high performance in-memory database
  • Broad capabilities for data mining and advanced analysis with IBM Watson Studio
  • Visual business-user-oriented data discovery and cognitive BI with IBM Cognos Analytics
  • Well-established, expansive partner community with global knowledge and product support

BI analytics anywhere, anytime

Cognos Analytics is an industry-leading BI and analytics solution that empowers users to execute smarter data discovery to move from data to decisions more rapidly. With myriad new capabilities, Cognos 11.1.7 now offers faster and smoother performance, analytics anywhere and anytime with a new mobile application, and a better visualization authoring experience. Stunning visualizations and AI-generated insights empower Cognos users to tell the story of their data in everyday language. Users can connect to a wider array of data sources with support for REST data connector — and Cognos runs on any cloud

Learn more about AI-infused business intelligence and IBM Cognos Analytics.

Read the full report from BARC here.

Or try Cognos yourself at no cost for 30 days.

Learn more about BARC Score.

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