September 28, 2020 By Carla Shultis 3 min read

What if you had access to experts who specialize in the IT solutions you were considering for your business? What if you could test-drive new IT hardware or software to make sure it’s the right fit?

IBM Garage for Systems gives businesses the opportunity to see firsthand how IBM IT infrastructure can support their business needs. Whether it’s through a co-creation workshop, a solution benchmark or a Redbooks training course, IBM Garage for Systems has infrastructure specialists who can help you gain confidence in your next infrastructure investment. We’ve helped organizations find the best platforms for their critical applications, take advantage of the security features in their systems to make sure their data is protected, put AI models to work on complex analytics and much more.

Interested to learn more? Here are the five essential things to know about us.

What sets IBM Garage for Systems apart?

1. Our mission is to deliver IT expertise that helps give you the best possible experience with IBM IT infrastructure.

We know that planning and implementing IT solutions is challenging, and our offerings are designed to help in the decision-making process. Working with IBM Garage for Systems gives you access to top-notch subject matter experts in IBM infrastructure technologies and solutions — from AI to hybrid cloud to enterprise security. We provide demos, benchmarks, proofs of concept and proofs of technology to help you find the right infrastructure solution for your business needs.

2. We co-create innovative solutions side-by-side with you.

Co-creation is a collaborative process for creating shared value between you and IBM, and it’s a fundamental approach to our work. The IBM Systems Co-Creation Lab helps organizations move IT projects from idea to implementation through workshops covering opportunity discovery, design and development. Co-creation gives you a chance to work side-by-side with IBM experts to create first-of-a-kind strategies and solutions together with IBM.

3. Our technical training content helps IT professionals build knowledge and skills on IBM Power Systems, IBM Storage, IBM Z and LinuxONE.

Experts from IBM Garage for Systems develop technical training courses and content to deliver the latest information about IBM Systems solutions to clients, Business Partners and IBM employees. IBM Redbooks content formats include online courses, videos, papers, books and other media. Here’s where you can find us:

4. We offer expertise in AI, hybrid cloud and quantum computing.

IBM Garage has skilled data scientists with expertise in AI who are ready to help you develop a new AI solution or advance an existing one. We also have teams specializing in hybrid multicloud and multivendor environments, bringing the capabilities of IBM Cloud and Red Hat to you wherever your business is on the cloud journey. Additionally, we host an active IBM Quantum System in partnership with IBM Research. We provide tours and briefings on IBM Quantum offerings and have several certified IBM Quantum Ambassadors ready to engage with you. In all these areas, our experts can meet you where you are and help you go to the next level.

5. We have expert teams located around the world and can offer most services virtually.

IBM Garage for Systems is a worldwide team with the capability to service businesses all over the planet. We offer virtual services leveraging our IBM Systems infrastructure hubs in North America and France, and we have skilled teams in key geographies around the world as well, so wherever you are, you can access our support. In addition to online training and consultations, Co-creation Lab workshops, benchmarks and proofs of concept can be done virtually.

Come innovate with us

You understand the needs of your business; we understand IBM Systems infrastructure solutions inside and out. Together we can find the best approach to help you solve business challenges, plan for digital transformation, introduce new technologies and so much more. IBM Garage for Systems is here to help.

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