Jennifer Clemente

Senior Editorial Strategist
Jennifer Clemente who has been writing and involved in all things technology since she could ask Santa for a 2XL robot. From Balkan war correspondent to self-described tech-nomad waving the open source flag, her career has veered from edge of the world political battles into the thick of the AI journey, keeping her thoughts critical and an ear firmly to the ground. She currently helps client’s share their successes with IBM Data and AI.

Trustworthy AI helps Regions Bank better serve customers

3 min read - Financial institutions worldwide are feeling the scrutiny from both customers and regulators alike. Perceptions of an institution’s governance practices, including its commitment to ethics, fairness, explainability and transparency of decisions, are critical to its standing. No wonder those poised to gain a competitive advantage today want to ensure their AI is fair, trustworthy, and…

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