January 28, 2019 By IBM Cloud Team < 1 min read

New capability to add or remove Network File System (NFS) file shares to existing clusters within the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud management console.

Now generally available, you have more granular control over adding and removing NFS file shares to existing VMware ESXi clusters from within the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud (vCS) management console. Previously, you were only able to leverage IBM’s advanced automation to add shared file storage (a.k.a., Endurance) across all hosts in a cluster at the time of initial vCS deployment, or when creating a new cluster. Now you can start as small as 20 GB and scale up to 12 TB in single GB increments, and can leverage the .25 IOPS/GB performance tier for backup use cases.

A final important feature is the ability for you to mount NFS directly to an existing VMware vSAN cluster, so that you can more cost effectively scale your storage without having to add another vSAN host machine to the cluster.To date, this NFS functionality does not exist in VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (VMC). VMC only offers VMware vSAN (block) and Elastic Block Storage (EBS).

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January 28 Release Notes:
How to add/remove file shares for vCS instances:

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