April 17, 2023 By Meryl Veramonti 2 min read

SAP architects looking to run SAP workloads with the security and control of single-tenant isolation inside a higher-performing network now have the option to do so inside IBM Cloud VPC.

IBM Cloud’s full portfolio of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions to support SAP-enterprise workloads has recently grown to include a new, dedicated compute solution. Inside the logically isolated, software-defined network of IBM Cloud VPC, customers can now choose IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC, certified to run SAP workloads with your choice of SAP-specific operating systems.

The new SAP-certified profiles include a variety of pre-set vCPU and Memory combinations to choose from—ideal for development and testing, application training, dynamic storage, and other essential production and non-production workloads that require acutely high performance, memory and networking capabilities.

Network stability and management greatly impact how well our customers’ SAP workloads perform and comply with policies, so it was crucial for us to deliver a second route to bare metal (outside of traditional infrastructure models) inside an elastic ecosystem like IBM Cloud VPC. With instance-like capabilities, customers can easily control their compute, storage and networking components rather than just accessing them in a flat environment. This is a big benefit for access control lists and other network control components that allow architects to manipulate and segment their SAP network from compromise—be it external bad actors or internal threats alike.

Why IBM Cloud for SAP?

IBM Cloud offers easily the most extensive portfolio of SAP-certified infrastructure, ranging from the only SAP-certified VMware solution in the cloud, bare metal servers, virtual servers and virtual private cloud (VPC) servers to Intel Xeon SP architecture and IBM Power Virtual Servers. Customers can build an environment in the cloud which mirrors their on-premises environment, with the exact same level of control and security. We also offer the highest data security certification in the industry, with Keep Your Own Key (KYOK) security. And recently, IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC was globally recognized as the 2022–2023 Cloud Awards winner in the Best Cloud Infrastructure category.

With more than 50 years of SAP experience and 40,000 SAP-certified professionals, IBM is a Global Platinum SAP partner and one of SAP’s most awarded associates. Plus, IBM Cloud provides a catalog of 200 services that companies can start leveraging right away. It’s no surprise, then, that customers deploying SAP solutions to the IBM Cloud were able to migrate 20% more quickly compared to other clouds.

Get down to specs: IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC, certified for SAP NetWeaver

IBM Cloud’s new SAP-certified bare metal servers for VPC are currently available in US-South, US-East and EU-FRA regions (with plans to expand locations and server and memory sizes ideal for SAP HANA specific deployments further into 2023).

Explore the IBM Cloud VPC catalog to provision, price, and save a quote. Every new customer to IBM Cloud VPC can receive USD 1,000 in credits to use toward compute, network and storage components:

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There are plenty of ways to learn more about IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers for VPC and SAP deployments:

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