October 18, 2023 By Daniel Mermelstein 2 min read

IBM Cloud Databases is announcing the End of Life on the following database versions on April 26, 2024:

  • IBM Cloud Databases for MySQL v5.7
  • IBM Cloud Databases for Elasticsearch v7.17
  • IBM Cloud Databases for MongoDB v4.4
  • IBM Cloud Databases for Redis v5.0
  • IBM Cloud Databases for etcd v3.3

On April 26, 2024, support for the above versions ends.

Next steps

IBM recommends that customers upgrade their database deployments to the next supported version. Our recommended procedure for this is restoring from a backup, as detailed below for each database:

We strongly recommend that you upgrade your database deployments before April 26, 2024.

Using this method will give you control of the timing and execution of your upgrade and will guarantee the integrity of your data. You will also be able to ensure that any breaking changes between database versions do not affect your application(s).

After April 26, 2024, deployments of IBM Cloud Databases still on the above versions will either be disabled (MySQL, etcd) or forcibly upgraded to the supported version (Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Redis).

We do not recommend that you wait for forced upgrades because of the following reasons:

  • We provide no SLAs for this type of forced upgrade.
  • You may experience some data loss.
  • Your application may experience downtime.
  • Your application may stop working if it has any incompatibilities with the new database version.
  • You cannot control the timing of when this upgrade will happen for your deployment.
  • There is no rollback process for this forced upgrade.

Learn more

If you have any questions about your IBM Cloud Databases deployments, please visit our documentation or open a support ticket.

Learn more about IBM Cloud Databases

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