Understanding IBM Food Trust technology

IBM Food Trust™ is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution built on the IBM Blockchain Platform. It provides the highest level of commercially-available, tamper-resistant protection for food transaction data.

Answers about your data

Data confidence

Encrypted, single-source, immutable data ledger shared by authorized participants.

Data ownership

Each member owns its data and maintains full control over who can access it.

Data interoperability

IBM Food Trust Connector API seamlessly integrates data from legacy systems, other participants and new transactions.

Security benefits of IBM Food Trust

IBM Food Trust employs the security benefits of the underlying IBM Blockchain platform and Hyperledger Fabric. Limited availability currently. General availability to be announced later this year.

Permissioned network

Unlike public blockchains, all data is confidential. The data owner controls who sees it.

Immutable distributed ledger

All transactions are permanent and made public or confidential at option of user.


Cryptographic partitions

Users can limit the degree to which others can view shared data.


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