Strengthen your z/OS security at the front door

The most common method for authenticating users is by the use of passwords. Unfortunately, passwords can be compromised. IBM® Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS® (IBM MFA) software enables you to add authentication factors for IBM z/OS systems. It works with IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) to authenticate users with multiple factors and define policies for these factors and apply them to specific IDs. IBM MFA integrates directly with the security server, and not any specific authentication factor, so factors can be added without changes to the RACF/MFA infrastructure.

Enhance logon security

Require multiple authentication factors to protect accounts and reduce risk for critical applications and data—even if one of the factors is discovered.

Ease regulatory compliance

Address regulatory and industry requirements for strong privileged user authentication and audit support.

Centralize, simplify management

Centralize factor information in RACF to simplify control, accelerate factor deployment and improve administrative efficiency.

IBM Multi-Factor Authentication for z/OS features

  • Extensions for RACF with auditing and provisioning
  • Centralized RACF database support
  • RSA SecurID and IBM TouchToken support
  • PIV and CAC card support
  • Support for application exemption