Make insights
a team sport with
Watson Data Platform

In this data-first world, your company’s success depends on every team member using data to accelerate business decisions. The following how-tos and tutorials demonstrate how IBM Watson Data Platform lets you do just that.

Watson Data Platform is an integrated platform composed of tools, services, and data.

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Your data is trying to tell you something

Every enterprise has data, but your team needs to be empowered to collaborate to find actionable insights and solutions. WDP delivers the integrated platform needed for this collaboration.

To give more context to the following tutorials, we’ll use an omnichannel outdoor and sporting goods retail company as an example.

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Using data to address a dip in sales

This likely sounds familiar: You’re in a monthly or quarterly review and a sales pipeline report shows that a product or region is declining in sales month over month. The team around the table starts to discuss the possibilities:

Monthly and quarterly reporting, along with real-time dashboards, show us that something’s happening, but these reports don’t tell us why. That’s why we need to be curious and dig deeper to find out how best to address the issue at hand.

In this scenario, a business analyst notices sales in outdoor protection gear (i.e. bug repellant) were declining. To make sense of this decline, the team uses Watson Data Platform to look at data surrounding their past marketing campaigns and finds a majority of sales stemmed from a single promotion. A quick glance at the product’s gross margins shows that there is scope for a sale and the company could run a targeted promotion.

But, did we jump to an answer too soon? In today’s “fail fast,” culture, it’s easy to spring into action without all the information at hand.

What if we analyzed a greater number of factors to determine what we needed to adjust to get sales back on track? Perhaps our recommendations will help to not only solve the problem at hand, but also attract new customers, delight existing ones, and find ways to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Let’s explore a little more through tutorials.

Assembling your data team

Your team likely uses tools today like Watson Analytics and SPSS to manage reporting and uncover any initial insights. Whether you have a large team or just a few individuals who wear a lot of hats, we’re certain that you’ll uncover the solutions you need.

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