Watson Data Platform enables your team to:

Remove silos

Remove silos

Collaborate between teams and across technologies, from data scientists and Data Science Experience, to developers and Bluemix.

Discover new insights

Discover new insights

Use multiple analytics technologies, like Watson’s cognitive abilities, to quickly gain insights from data and answer business questions — faster than any other platform.

Build smarter applications

Build smarter applications

Deliver insights to production quickly, and continuously improve them through rapid iteration. So you can build smarter, scalable applications in less time.

Case study


See how a startup made sense of energy data with Watson Data Platform.

Featured product

IBM Data Science Experience

An open source, cloud-based social environment built by data scientists with multiple tools to activate insights.

Move your business forward

Watson Data Platform enables your team to collaborate to find new and unexpected insights that deliver business-changing results. Using this platform of data and analytics services, the DataFirst method and our partner ecosystem together can accelerate your business.

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Composable services and experiences

The heart of Watson Data Platform is a set of data and analytics services, all available on the IBM Bluemix Cloud Platform. It’s easy to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists, and data engineers can use to complement your existing architecture and “compose” business solution.