What is dashDB?

dashDB puts a workload-optimized database at your fingertips. IBM delivers an environment that is designed to meet your needs.

For analytics, you can opt for new container-based configurations that can be deployed to software-defined environments such as private cloud, as well as a fully managed solution on the cloud.

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dashdb full managed

Management choice

Choose fully managed solutions in the cloud or a client-managed local deployment.

Common technology

Common technology

A common SQL engine leverages existing skills while improving efficiency across analytic workloads.

Transactional or data warehouse

Data warehouse

dashDB configurations can deliver an optimized stack for data warehousing needs.



IBM brings its relational database expertise to the dashDB family. Run your analytics applications on scalable, reliable, available and high performance technology from IBM that has been proven on the world’s toughest data challenges.

Focus on the data and not the administration

Choose from several dashDB configurations and plans that are optimized for the workloads you want to run, implement and use.

Elastic pricing and growth

dashDB is available in a variety of plan sizes for both transactional and analytics systems. Select the plan size you need now and we will grow with you into the future as your database needs increase.

A common technology core

SQL is common across all of these technologies, making it easier to move workloads without learning the nuances of different SQL dialects and various capabilities across a hybrid multi-vendor solution.

Highly available

dashDB is designed so there is no single point of failure. Your system has been designed with both availability and security as the highest priorities.

Accelerate data migration by up to 10 times versus traditional options

Move your on-premises data stores into a dashDB instance even faster with Bluemix Lift.

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Turn up the power for Software-Defined Data Warehousing

IBM dashDB Local now certified on IBM Power Systems offers a better price/performance ratio compared to commodity hardware.

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Integrate products with dashDB

IBM Bluemix Data Connect

Transform data before transitioning it to one of these next generation database technologies and then gain trusted insights from quality data. Prepare and move data from multiple sources through IBM Bluemix Data Connect and land it in one of the dashDB solutions.

IBM Cloudant

Cloudant is a a scalable, NoSQL cloud database for web and mobile applications. It includes "push button" feature to deploy unstructured JSON data to structured dashDB data for fast easy analysis of this data.

IBM Watson, IBM Cognos and IBM SPSS

Explore the data you already have in dashDB with smart data discovery in Watson Analytics, BI reporting with Cognos Analytics or predictive modeling and analytics with SPSS.

Client success stories


Copenhagen Business school

Enabled vital insight into crowd activities at a large annual music festival to deliver better crowd safety and sustainable services.

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BPM Northwest

Integrated cloud data silos with dashDB and IBM Bluemix and provided integration across local and on-premises data repositories.

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RSG Media

This media company consultancy has leveraged dashDB and Cloudant to seamlessly and efficiently bring together many data sources. This has helped them deliver valuable insights to their clients quickly and cost-efficiently.

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