What is fast data?

Fast data is real-time data that typically comes in from streaming and is analyzed quickly to make rapid business decisions. View the Forrester infographic, The Future Of Data, Make It Fast.

In a recent study by Forrester¹, more than 75 percent of companies surveyed already use fast data solutions. Of those surveyed, 88 percent indicated they need to perform analytics in near real-time on stored streamed data.  IBM provides a real-time database for fast data, with built in real-time analytics and machine-learning tools for concurrent analysis of real-time and historical data.

Now, with the IBM Fast Data Platform you can design, build and run streaming applications with agility and efficiency. View the 3-minute video to learn more.

Graphic depicting how companies are using fast data solutions to perform analytics on streamed data


Icon representing the streaming flexibility of fast data


Get an optimized in-memory HTAP database with open data format for sharing and integrated event data management with access to Apache Spark Streaming, Spark Analytics, IBM Streams, Kafka, Scala, Java™, IBM Big SQL and Python.

Icon representing the smarter responses fast data can enable


Apply built-in machine learning and data science capabilities to enable smarter responses in event-driven applications. IBM’s fast data capabilities support real-time, scalable analytics on both incoming and historical data.

Icon representing capability to capture, store and analyze fast data with three nodes

Fast and reliable

Capture, store and analyze more than 250 billion events per day with three nodes. This high-performance capability scales linearly with additional nodes — and is delivered with high availability that supports real-time access.

IBM Business Partner

The Lightbend Fast Data Platform and IBM Db2® Event Store enable a new era of event-driven business insight and opportunity, while reducing complexity. IBM and IBM Business Parner® Lightbend have designed joint solutions that provide a complete tool chain for Java and Scala developers to easily build and deploy AI and cognitive applications in on-premises and cloud environments.

“Working with IBM Db2 Event Store and Lightbend Fast Data Platform makes it easier for enterprises to develop and support stream-based applications.”

—Karl Wehden, Director of Product Management, Lightbend

Featured product

IBM Db2 Event Store

Db2 Event Store is an in-memory database designed for massive ingestion of event data while performing real-time analytics. Optimized for event-driven data processing and featuring built-in analytics, Db2 Event Store supports applications like IoT solutions, payments, logistics and web commerce. It’s flexible and scalable and can adapt quickly to changing business needs over time. Db2 Event Store includes data-science tools and machine-learning integration.


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¹ Source: A study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of IBM, September 2018