What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse is a tool to aggregate disparate sources of data in one central location to support business analytics and reporting. Not only do data warehouses give organizations the power to run robust analytics on large amounts of historical data, they also store petabytes worth of information.

IBM offers on-premises, on-cloud and integrated appliance data warehouse solutions, providing organizations with a high-performance and flexible data analytics foundation that delivers predictive insight for more data-driven decision-making. Powered and built on AI, all three platforms live within the IBM Db2® family of products, offering a common SQL engine to streamline queries and machine learning capabilities that enhance data management performance.

IBM’s data warehouse is now available through IBM Cloud Pak® for Data, a fully integrated data and AI platform. IBM Cloud Pak for Data runs across any cloud, enabling organizations to speed innovation by more easily integrating their analytics and applications. 


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Data warehouse products

Netezza Performance Server

The next step in the evolution of the Netezza appliance, Netezza Performance Server is a cloud-native system of insight that is 100 percent compatible with existing Netezza and IBM PureData® System for Analytics appliances. Built on IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, Netezza Performance Server extends current Netezza speed by incorporating NVMe memory, faster processors and 64-bit technology.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

Focus on data analytics, not administration, with a fully managed, elastic cloud data warehouse with built-in Oracle and Netezza compatibility. Now deployed on IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

IBM Db2 Warehouse

Combine on-premises control with automated scaling and cross-platform compatibility on a software-defined, private cloud data warehouse for Docker-container-supported infrastructures.

Db2 Warehouse is available at no extra cost as a foundational service on IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a multicloud data and AI platform that provides an integrated collection of data and analytics microservices built on a cloud-native architecture. IBM Cloud Pak for Data runs across any cloud, enabling organizations to speed innovation by more easily integrating their analytics and applications.

IBM Integrated Analytics System

Accelerate analytic development and reduce deployment times with IBM Integrated Analytics System, a cloud-ready data platform that meets demands for cost-efficient, streamlined data storage.

We felt that IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud demonstrated high performance across a variety of data analyses, which gave us the confidence we needed to make a long-term investment in the technology.

Soichiro Yoshio, Manager, Information Systems Department, Valor Holdings

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