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Expert integrated systems

Expert integrated systems combine the flexibilty of general purpose systems, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance tuned to the workload.

Expert integrated systems fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT with built-in expertise, integration by design and a simplified experience.

  • Built-in expertise

    Capturing and automating what experts do – from the infrastructure to the application – to make IT easy to deploy and manage.

  • Integration by design

    Deeply integrating and tuning hardware and software in a ready-to-go, workload-optimized system.

  • Simplified experience

    Making every part of the IT lifecycle easier with integrated management of the entire system and a broad open ecosystem of optimized solutions

Built-in expertise

Traditional business systems make it possible for problems to be addressed in different ways: with different combinations of software and different configurations of hardware to support this software.

Making these combinations work well for your business can be complex, costly and time- and resource-intensive. Expert integrated systems offer built-in expertise for addressing these challenges. The collective knowledge of established best practices, innovative, IT industry leadership and the distilled expertise of solution providers is captured, encapsulated and built on the system.

By using built-in expertise and best practices to automate and optimize difficult or time-consuming tasks like application or solution deployment, configuration, provisioning, clustering and more, you can:

Expert integrated systems capture and automate best-practices and expertise, reducing manual steps that delay projects.

IBM PureSystems deliver

Patterns of expertise can be automatically balance, manage and optimize the elements of your solution, from the underlying infrastructure and platform resources up to the application. These patterns of expertise help deliver and manage today's modern business processes, services and applications. They do so by encapsulating, into a repeatable and deployable form, proven best practices and expertise gained from decades of optimizing the deployment and management of data centers, software infrastructures and applications around the world. These patterns are not just a blueprint or a set of instructions to help you; the expertise is built-in and ready to help you deliver business value.

For example, if your software development organization needs to rapidly build up and tear down development and test environments, you can quickly provision IT resources and deploy application images from a library in minutes – which can take months out of project timelines. This speed and agility supports dramatically increased business velocity so you can respond quickly to IT and business needs – taking advantage of marketplace oportunities.

Expert integrated systems have an open architecture allowing participating vendors to capture and automate their application expertise, optimizing the application for the specific system.

IBM PureSystems deliver

Patterns of expertise are available from IBM and IBM Business Partners. Solution providers, true experts in their domains, offer partners expertise for their applications – pre-tuned, pre-configured and pre-optimized – for IBM PureSystems. You get a simplified experience throughout the application lifecycle – fast deployments, improved performance and simple upgrades. All of this can translate to faster time-to-value with IBM PureSystems.

The PureSystems Centre makes it easy to find patterns of expertise from IBM and IBM Business Partners. Application and platform patterns are available as well as upgrades and updates, which further simplifies the application lifecycle.

Expert integrated systems reduce the amount of in-house systems expertise you need for deploying, integrating, scaling, tuning, managing, and optimizing applications and their underlying infrastructure.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems embed expertise into the systems design, optimizing configuration of the entire stack – from the hardware through the middleware and application layer – maximizing performance, reliability, and security. IBM infused the expertise gained from its development of server, storage and networking systems into the PureSystems so you get high resource utilization, reliability and performance. You can shrink your systems footprint, which saves valuable data center floor space and requires less energy for operations.

IBM also applied its management expertise derived from thousands of data center engagements and server consolidations to improve the efficiency of system management. Management automation can reduce project and operational risk and free up valuable resources by removing the dependence on manual, repetitive steps in configuration, integration, scaling, and tuning tasks.

Integration by design

Traditionally, systems have been procured and managed as a myriad collection of hardware and software components.

Business spend significant time and money integrating, tuning and managing these components to support their application workloads. IT organizations have begun to use appliances, cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) to help intruduce these costs.
Expert integrated systems provide advantages of these approaches while avoiding many limitations. These systems are integrated by design, while avoiding many limitations. These systems are integrated by design, leaving the factory tuned and optimized for supported workloads, but with the flexibilty and control you need. Expert integrated systems do for IT what leading automotive companies do for drivers: design, tune and integrate a number of system components into one porpose-built vehicle. Some are tuned to luxury, some to carry a large family and pets, others for speed. The driver doesn't want to focus on picking and setting up every component, they want to focus on driving. The same goes for IT. You don't want to struggle with components – you want a system that is tuned to the task and ready to go.

Reason for IT Project Delays

Expert integrated systems are integrated by design to provide:

Expert integrated systems should start with carefully selected. integrated, tuned and optimized components designed for the workload. The ability to optimize the system for workload expertise must be built-in, and open for all application providers to participate.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems begin with deeply integrated and tuned system and software components, and incorporate built-in patterns of expertise to imporove the economics and experience of IT. Each system component is carefully chosen, tested and tuned at the factory, incorporating expertise gained from decades of IBM client engagements and thousands of data center optimizations.
Your team should be business functionality experts, and your systems partner should provide IT expertise within systems that are integrated by design. Not only does IBM choose and integrate the ideal system components, we deliberately architect the system to optimize for workloads, ensuring balanced and efficient systems.

PureSystems are integrated by design to deliver:

  • A complete infrastructure of application middleware, compute, storage and networking resources.
  • A selection of systems with a range of choices of architecture, operating system and virtualization technologies that allow you to select the right foundation for your workload.
  • Integrated security, based on decades of IBM experience and technology.
  • Purposeful design–from hardware to application–that provides balanced performance and scalabilty.

An expert integrated system is managed as a single system. It has a single, integrated view of all physical and virtual system and platform resources, from the hardware, up to the application layer. It must also support open standards, ensuring existing investments are protected.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems offer a simplified management experience across all system and application elements—physical and virtual. This drives significant cost savings, and provides a far simpler environment for IT to manage. 

The single management console is a major advance over traditional systems, where administrators often used separate management interfaces to monitor the various components of a solution. With PureSystems, IT can now monitor an entire application landscape as one entity, through an interface that allows authorized personnel to drill down into the components to monitor and maintain all application resources. 

PureSystems are designed to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and seamlessly connect into your existing management capability. 

Expert integrated systems must be designed for elastic scalability in order to dynamically optimize and re-balance resources based upon business service level agreements (SLA).

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems are fully virtualized. Your business applications interact with a system that intelligently and dynamically optimizes its workloads and the use of its resources based upon policies set in business terms, not technical terms.

PureSystems will:

  • Balance application resources based on business priorities. For example, by dedicating compute cycles to high priority retail applications during a holiday season
  • Optimize data placement for efficiency and performance, by moving hot data from disk drives to faster solid state drives in order to provide the best performance and economics.
  • Minimize downtime by moving workloads off compute resources before maintenance patches are applied.
  • Move workloads off resources that need to be repaired or replaced without disrupting operations.

Simplified Experience

With traditional IT models, supporting the lifecycle of applications and infrastructure has become increasingly complex and costly.

Expensive and often overworked IT professionals must apply their expertise to procure, configure, deploy, integrate, tune and scale solution components. This results in longer project timelines and higher operating costs.Expert integrated systems help simplify the work of IT staff, and unravel the lines of business that tangle IT resources. Integrated from the factory, with built-in application and infrastructure expertise, these systems simplify every step in the systems lifecycle. You no longer have to manage a collection of hardware, middleware and application components. With expert integrated systems you simply order, unpack, plug in and manage a single system with a single interface.

Expert integrated systems provide a simplified experience by:

With expert integrated systems you don’t have to focus time on supporting individual software and hardware components. Instead, you purchase, deploy, manage and upgrade one integrated system.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems are pre-integrated and pre-optimized to reduce IT complexity, dramatically increasing the project bandwidth of IT systems personnel. This frees up time to focus on initiatives that drive competitive advantage. Simplicity begins with acquisition. You choose a pre-integrated, optimized system. It ships to you as a complete, tested package of hardware and software components resources ready for your business. With built-in patterns of expertise for deployment, management and optimization—including cloud capabilities—PureSystems simplify key tasks across all of your IT resources throughout the life of your application. Self-service deployment accelerates project timelines. With PureSystems, application developers no longer need to wait for test and development systems to be deployed. They click on the pattern to deploy, and the image is deployed in minutes.

This simplified system lifecycle leads to a decreased reliance on specialized IT experts, which lowers costs and accelerates time-to-market for critical business functionality.

With expert integrated systems you don’t have to focus on maintaining, patching and upgrading individual components. Instead, you manage, optimize and support an integrated system.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems simplify the entire systems management experience. With an integrated, single management console across all infrastructure and application platform resources—physical and virtual—an entire environment can be seamlessly managed as a system. The support experience is vastly improved. Where traditional systems had support contacts for each of the various system and software components, with PureSystems you get a single point of contact for support.

PureSystems also simplify upgrades and patches, while dramatically reducing cost and risk. Traditionally, understanding version dependencies before patching system components cost too much time. Overlooking version dependencies could impact availability of mission-critical applications. PureSystems eliminate that complexity by providing integrated maintenance. Upgrading systems used to imply taking systems down—a cost you can’t afford. PureSystems upgrade with minimal to no downtime.

With expert integrated systems you acquire best-practices from application providers or incorporate your own best practices.

IBM PureSystems deliver

IBM PureSystems support a broad ecosystem of optimized applications from more than 100 solution providers. Because these providers are also able to capture their best practices as patterns of expertise, application workload optimization is built into the system. Applications become more cost-effective, because system resources are more intelligently managed.

The PureSystems Centre makes it easy to find pre-packaged and pre-configured deployable patterns of expertise. Patterns from IBM and other solution providers participating in the ecosystem are available—as well as upgrades and updates—which further simplifies the maintenance process.

Without built-in expertise, high demand, highly skilled experts are required. With patterns of expertise, PureSystems can reduce this requirement by providing, encapsulating and deploying expertise in the system for a range of applications, including:

  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Social business
  • Business process management