Become a C2B business with IBM

Today, business is more than B2B or B2C. It’s also C2B:
customer-to-business. Put your customers at the center of everything you do.

The future of commerce is C2B commerce

Your customers are talking to you all day every day. Each unique person is telling you who they are, how they feel and what they need. With the right approach, you can make it a conversation. You can respond immediately with relevant, personal engagements. You can humanize transactions with a smile and a handshake, online or in store. It takes an integrated business to build lasting relationships and inspire advocacy. Your front office and back office must become the office: marketing, customer analytics, eCommerce and merchandising, procurement, B2B integration and payments all working seamlessly to put customers at the center. This is C2B, customer-to-business.

Customer Engagement

C2B business is about understanding and acting on customer signals. Build relationships and deliver experiences that make customers ask for more.


Partner & Supplier

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Customer analytics are the foundation of effective customer engagement. You have to listen to hold a meaningful conversation, and understanding your customers yields insights to inform every aspect of your business operations, from marketing and eCommerce to procurement.

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With an understanding of your customers, informed by analytics, you can engage customers with relevant, timely marketing to serve their needs and grow relationships. Let customer responses feed back into analytics and progress the conversation to bring customers to your eCommerce channels.

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eCommerce &

Offer each customer—consumer or business—a personalized eCommerce experience with insights gained from analytics. Understand why they buy what they buy—and even why they choose not to buy. Drive those insights back into marketing and merchandising to build on successful sales and pursue missed opportunities.

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B2B Integration

Customer insights are only a piece of the puzzle. You also have to be able to respond to those customer insights and speed is critical. Optimize and automate the ways you connect to partners and suppliers to ensure that you can respond immediately to customer input at every link in the value chain.

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Insights from analytics, marketing and eCommerce must travel up the supply chain. Understand your customers to anticipate their needs and prepare in advance to meet those needs. Build strategic relationships with suppliers, reduce risk and ensure that you can deliver the products and prices your customers want.

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Payments are the nexus of your business operations. Your ability to make and receive payments quickly and securely is critical to eCommerce and procurement operations, and is essential to maintaining transparency and compliance. Build trust in your payments operations to strengthen relationships with customers, partners and suppliers.

Partner & Supplier Engagement

Partner and Supplier relationships form the essential foundation of C2B business. Be more responsive with an integrated back office from IBM.