ISVs for IBM Z and LinuxONE

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) develop applications that run and expand on an existing solution. IBM works closely with ISVs to ensure applications developed for IBM Z and LinuxONE platforms provide additional value to customers.


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Phoenix Software International

I’m blown away by the innovation IBM hardware developers have demonstrated with the Telum chip in the IBM z16. The new communication fabric and cache restructure are masterful works of engineering art.” – Edward Jaffe, CTO

Great to see how IBM keeps the mainframe platform vital, strong and attractive for large-scale businesses. The combination of z16 and AI is pure innovation. – Dr. Stephen Fedtke, CTO

Tone Software Corporation

“The IBM z16 innovations expand the horizon for today’s businesses, providing a flexible foundation to build next-gen environments, as well as an enhanced platform to leverage existing core technologies, such as Tone’s JES management, STEPLIB and ISPF management, and Host Output Management solutions. – Shirley Balarezo, President

Xerox Corporation

“Xerox Corporation is excited by the continued innovation of the highly advanced IBM z16 and look forward to current and future developments that continue to make our IBM based software solutions as secure as possible for our mutual customers. – Michael Kirby, Vice-President, Workplace Solutions Engineering

Applied Performance Technologies, Inc.

“PerfTechPro zAnalytics® is excited to announce first day support of the new IBM z16 providing assistance managing Hybrid Cloud infrastructure costs while supporting innovation in Hybrid environments. zAnalytics offers cost effective solutions which allow customers to take full advantage of IBM Z.” – William P Hart, Vice President


“ZETALY takes advantage of z16 capabilities by running our ZETALY Suite on IFL engines on Linux on Z  and utilizing zIIP engines on z/OS by containerizing our Suite to run in zCX.  By leveraging the new IBM z16 and its many benefits,  this allows us to help our customers accelerate their modernization journey with IT Observability." – Redwene Haddou, CTO


“Bloombase is excited with the announcement of the new IBM z16. Bloombase and IBM have a longstanding partnership being driven by enterprise adoption of hybrid-cloud and their need to secure their crown-jewel data – from the IBM Z platform, multi-cloud, hyper-converged, composable infrastructures, and beyond. – Sean Xiang, CEO


“INTERCHIP's RealTime Defrag is looking forward to optimizing the System Storage space usage 24x7 with IBM z16. The combination of RealTime Defrag and IBM z16 is a powerful combination to advance the IBM Z Ecosystem that is dependent on scalability, availability, and security. – Alexander Buschmann, CTO

Capgemini Engineering

“IBM z16 offers a new, state-of-the-art IBM Telum processor with multiple advancements including increased performance, novel chip packaging, caching architecture, and cutting edge on-chip AI acceleration for high-speed inferencing.  Capgemini is very excited to partner with IBM on its journey to take advantage of these innovations.

Telum adds a dedicated on-chip AI accelerator that brings consistent low AI latency, expediting fraud detection during real time trades and transactions. Telum encrypts main memory for increased security in trusted execution environments, making it an excellent choice for handling sensitive data in hybrid cloud architectures. It also increases the already amazing IBM Z availability via a redesigned memory interface capable of tolerating complete channel or DIMM failures, which can transparently recover data without impacting response time. The IBM z16 will be positioned for Quantum Safe Computing via a new Crypto Express card with APIs to modernize existing applications as well as build new ones leveraging quantum safe cryptographic algorithms... Capgemini looks forward to leveraging the exciting new technologies of this next generation of the IBM  Z platform.” – Ronnie Maffa, Vice President – Head of Engineering, Americas and APAC, Capgemini Engineering


Alebra Technologies

“The increased performance of the RoCE and OSA adapters in IBM z16, coupled with Alebra’s Parallel Data Mover (PDM) running in zIIP engines provide great value and unparalleled throughput for customers who need to either access data cross-platform or copy data between platforms.  Quantum-Safe Cryptography on IBM z16 provides enhanced security for key exchange by our product.  Flex Capacity on IBM z16 coupled with PDM’s VIPA support provides customers fast and cost-effective solutions for disaster recovery.  As we deliver public and hybrid cloud connections to all types of data on IBM Z, Red Hat OpenShift Containers provide additional opportunities for the integration of IBM Z and the cloud.  We are pleased with the significant improvements to our IBM Z offerings afforded by the IBM z16 announcement.” – Bill Yeager, CTO, Alebra Technologies, Inc.


“We anticipate that the new IBM z16 is going to be a game changer, not only for IBM but for PKWARE as well. It reinforces PKWARE’s commitment to the crypto-conscious platform. With the extensive set of modernization tools and infrastructure, PKWARE expects to rapidly grow and accelerate our cybersecurity offerings. In fact, PKWARE’s cybersecurity platform and tools are poised to take advantage of the modernized development infrastructure available in the new IBM z16 that makes coding, testing, and deploying our solution on-prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid cloud environment an easy and pliable task. Our engineers are going to be doing things that we have only dreamed about in the past, and we couldn’t be more excited about.” – Jason Dobbs, Chief Technology Officer

Rocket Software

The introduction of on-chip acceleration for AI with the new IBM Telum processor in the next generation of IBM Z, is a critical step forward for our mutual customers. It brings AI directly where it’s needed most – the low latency, high volume workloads that drive the majority of the world’s transactional economy. Keeping the system of record data on Z offers security and latency advantages and the IBM Telum processor will help our joint customers exploit those advantages by embedding AI for insights and risk mitigation directly into Z workloads. With over 30 years of strategic partnership with IBM, Rocket Software has deep technical and domain expertise to offer innovative solutions for IBM Z, and is moving forward with IBM and our mutual customers to exploit these profound new capabilities”. – Jeff Cherrington, VP Product Management, and Tim Willging, VP of Engineering and Distinguished Engineer

Dell Technologies

“The IBM z16 and Dell Technologies PowerMax and DLm storage together deliver performance, security, and flexibility to satisfy the most demanding mainframe environments. Customers can continue to count on our 30-year partnership for mutual compatibility, support and commitment to storage innovation.” – Robert Decrescenzo, SVP Product Development Engineering

NewEra Software

“NewEra Software believes that IBM z16 is a must-have platform for clients who want to accelerate digital transformation in a hybrid environment. The new features and capabilities of IBM z16 will help organizations succeed in their modernization efforts and enables our customers for simultaneous deployment.” – Gordon Daniel, Director of Software Development

Limes Datentechnik GmbH

“The IBM z16 increases the interoperability between monolithic systems and distributed service-oriented solutions and unifies this on a conductive platform. As the link between these worlds, we benefit greatly from the new features of IBM z16 and will make them available to customers via our software.” Falk Reichbott, CTO

Direct Computer Resources, Inc.

“The IBM z16 represents the next chapter in AI, security and innovation of the IBM Z platform. DataVantage® for IMS, DataVantage for Db2 and DataVantage DME all fully support the IBM z16 processor at GA time.” Dave Simpson, Mainframe Product Manager

MacKinney Systems

“The IBM z16 provides the encryption features and faster crypto processing required by today's customers.” – Don Mais, CTO

Action Software International

“IBM’s z16 adds numerous enhancements to keep the z platform at the forefront of high-performance secure computing.  Action Software International looks forward to maximizing manageability and auditability of z/OS on IBM z16 with its leading-edge systems management products eventACTION and ussACTION.” – Peter Sharma, VP Marketing

Duke Software

“Duke Software is excited to support IBM z16, which will help drive additional flexibility of Open Source capabilities. Especially Zowe, which is a great tool to accelerate your journey to modernization on the IBM Z platform . z/XPF’s current install process requires z/OS specific skills. By integrating our install with Zowe, we will be able to eliminate that requirement.  It is definitely a win-win situation. – Dave Day, Owner


“Many of our largest customers rely on the IBM Z Platform to run their critical business applications. As an IBM partner, we are privileged to work with IBM to enhance our products to support our customers as they take advantage of the new features available of IBM z16. Updates related to security and availability are crucial as we work with our clients to drive their business growth in an ever-changing world – Steve Carrillo, VP of Support


Informatica is excited to support our IBM Z customers on this significant IBM z16release. Our customers rely on the latest IBM Z technology for operational business critical systems and on Informatica to help integrate their data using Informatica’s “Intelligent Data Management Cloud”. – Philip Line, Director, Product Management


“IntelliMagic is delighted to support the innovations of IBM z16 in IntelliMagic Vision. The new integrated AI Accelerator and additional processor capacity in IBM z16 will take our mutual customers to the next level. IntelliMagic and IBM will continue to work together to deliver innovative solutions for the IBM Z platform”.– Els Das, CEO

Crawford Technologies

“With IBM’s modern Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Crawford Technologies and IBM provide our clients with a secure, dependable, and scalable transaction processing platform to manage mission-critical customer communications and workloads. Crawford Technologies looks forward to continuing our partnership with IBM and delivering to our customer the world's fastest and most accurate, document transformation, post composition and output management solutions for today’s digital economy”.Ernie Crawford, CEO

21st Century Software

“With the introduction of IBM z16, IBM continues to make good on their commitment that the platform plays a crucial role in enterprise computing and is a key component in their Hybrid Cloud strategy. The announcement of the Telum processor for IBM z16 is a significant innovation to enable AI on-platform - close to the data - for true real-time insights”. Lisa Klemens, VP of Business Development


The demand for hybrid cloud is expanding rapidly as organizations prioritize the security and containerization of their cloud modernization strategy. Through containerization, they are able to accelerate their hybrid cloud journey while ensuring essential features like portability, pre-enabled security, and high availability.

FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres and IBM Z continue to collaborate and deliver a true, secure hybrid cloud with Fujitsu’s security features including Transparent Data Encryption and Data Masking combining with the new capabilities of IBM z16 to enable the IBM Z Ecosystem to leverage the latest technologies.” – Niki Kennedy, Senior Director, Data Management


“BMC is pleased with IBM’s continued commitment to improving and evolving the Z Series to meet the ever-changing needs of enterprise customers. IBM’s z16 will provide embedded AI for real-time fraud detection and prevention, increased performance, unmatched resiliency, and more. BMC AMI and BMC Compuware solutions will work seamlessly with IBM z16 to help customers power their digital business securely, agilely, and cost-effectively.” – April Hickel, Vice President, BMC Product Management

Sine Nomine Associates

“With z16, Sine Nomine Associates is looking forward to helping customers find new ways to exploit the AI built into these systems along with the power of Quantum as a specialty service in a new Hybrid Compute model that will continue to advance this cutting edge technology. – Kurt Acker, Principal IT Architect


“FICO is excited to work with IBM on future projects that involve the new generation for the hybrid cloud environment and all available opportunities that IBM z16 has to offer the computing community. – Ernestine McDaniel, GTS Server Systems Sr. Manager


“zNEXT is a next level platform for the exploitation of hybrid cloud. In combination with Broadcom’s software solutions, clients can capitalize on opportunities to advance AI, cybersecurity, and application development with the platform. –  Joe Doria, Chief Marketing Officer

Software AG

“Software AG is excited about IBM’s investment in security, resiliency, AI and the hybrid cloud with IBM z16. Adding innovations like pervasive encryption into our product portfolio, ensures our Adabas & Natural customers continue to benefit from the highest standards of security in the market.” –  Arno Theiss, General Manager, Adabas & Natural and Mainframe Solutions

Watson & Walker

“Watson & Walker is very excited about the latest IBM z16.  We are living in a data-intensive world, and the new CPC cache design will help Z customers churn through even larger volumes of data more efficiently than ever. The enhanced memory efficiency is also a perfect match for the new AI accelerator, offering unmatched capabilities for data-hungry applications.  From the infrastructure perspective, the new AI enhancements will enable the latest AIOps products to deliver functions and efficiencies that will cement z/OS’ position as the industry’s flagship operating system.” –  Frank Kyne, President


“UNICOM’s digital transformation solutions, powered by IBM Z, deliver the performance and resiliency enterprises demand. The IBM z16 offers best-in-industry cryptographic services, on-chip accelerators to power AI and, when fully loaded, it can run 3.5 million Docker containers: that’s impressive!” –  Larry Lawler, Chief Technology Officer

Beta Systems

“Beta Systems welcomes the new IBM z16 with its new abilities for hybrid cloud and mainframe computing. We are excited to support IBM z16 with our software products and help our customers to open this next chapter of secure, scalable, high performance enterprise computing with the IBM Z system.” –  Boris Kemp, Director Product Strategy, Beta Systems DCI Software AG

HCL Software

“...HCL and IBM collaborate closely to design product roadmaps and capabilities that bring out the best of the Z Platform and delight mainframe practitioners. HCL and IBM's continued focus, investment and advancement of the Z Platform provides a productive path forward to clients who are looking to modernize their investments toward hybrid models and innovative user experiences that will assist inspire the new generation of mainframe users. We are excited about the new capabilities about IBM z16 and look forward to support our joint customers.” – Jennifer Bean, Global Director, Mainframe Portfolio, HCL Software


“The combined power of Zafin’s Product and Pricing Lifecycle Management and the IBM z16 deliver end-to-end analytics and AI capabilities that enable real-time pricing, alerts, and a customer 360 view at scale through a composable architecture that allows banks to accelerate innovation, optimize pricing, billing & related functions, and create new value for every customer interaction – no transaction is left behind.” – Venkataraman Balasubramanian, Zafin EVP and Chief Technology Officer

DSK Bank

“We, DSK Bank, herewith would like to share our satisfaction with working with IBM, the new z/OS 2.5 is designed to enable hybrid cloud and AI business applications. Since 2001 we have been using IBM Z the bank's production environment and the core banking application of DSK Bank.

Over the years we have gone through many modules, and we are currently operating at the IBM Z Center in Vienna. The complex is exceptional in terms of the possibility of processing the peak moments in the service of our customers which are characterized by about 5 times higher volume of transactions compared to the normal working day. Impressive are the indicators we have achieved since the migration to Vienna in 2017 in terms of incapacity.” – Yuriy Genov, Executive Director IT and Operations, Board Member

ITMetrics Ltd

"ITMetrics Ltd is excited to fully support z/OS 2.5 across the entire ITMetrics Software portfolio, including our “Monitor for SAS” (ALS®) and “Dynamic Switching Utility” (DSU®). ALS® provides a comprehensive detailed view of the current SAS™ estate on the z/OS platform, in terms of Workloads, Users, Data, Code, Products and Performance;  DSU® provides a controllable method for switching between two different z/OS Programs. We therefore we remain committed to taking advantage of the latest features and look forward to leveraging the new enhancements available with z/OS 2.5." – Steve Bagshaw, CEO


“BMC and IBM have a long history of collaborating to deliver world-class solutions that help our mutual customers innovate faster to meet growing digital demands. The BMC AMI and BMC Compuware portfolios work seamlessly with IBM z/OS 2.5 to empower customers to increase uptime and strengthen security with AI and intelligent automation, while enabling faster, high quality software development delivery on their journeys to becoming Autonomous Digital Enterprises.” – Mary McCarthy, Sr. Solution Marketing Manager


“We have been using the z/Series equipment and software for over three decades.  We have found the z/Series to be superior by design and provides us the highest quality environment.  IBM continues to provide that continued trust with z/OS 2.5.  This will allow us to support and nurture our customers in this twenty-four hour, seven day a week environment we live in.  IBM’s commitment has served us well in the past and will continue to service us well today and in the future.” – Robert Biggs, Expert Systems Engineer

Software AG

“Software AG is excited about the z/OS 2.5 enhancements that ensure Adabas & Natural users maintain resilient environments for their custom applications. IBM’s innovations in security enable us to create new encryption and audit solutions to protect Adabas data from internal and external threats.” – Arno Theiss, General Manager, Adabas & Natural

Broadcom Inc

"Broadcom is pleased with IBM’s continued investment in hybrid cloud, AI, security, and simplified experiences for next-gen staff in z/OS V2R5. Our involvement in early test programs will help our clients rapidly benefit from this new release as they use Broadcom products to drive business results." – Hayden Lindsey, VP, WW Architecture & Engineering, Broadcom Mainframe Software Division

21st Century Software

“With the release of z/OS 2.5, IBM continues to prove the value of IBM Z as the premiere platform of choice for the future of business.  In the development of products that link the past to the future, 21st Century Software product innovations support IBM’s continued commitment to Resiliency, Security and Modernization for IBM Z.” – Lisa Klemens, VP of Go to Market Strategy


“At Dynatrace, we are excited about the improved hybrid cloud use cases supported by the IBM z15 single-frame. The Dynatrace software intelligence platform in combination with the new operating system z/OS v2r5 will allow customers to transform their business faster with observability, automation, and intelligence.” – Alexander Huetter, Product Management


 “Working with IBM enabled us to test and employ the latest innovative technologies made available by IBM z/OS 2.5, in the ongoing development of our date simulator product, TICTOC.”   Romy Leibler, Corporate Director

Xerox Corporation

“Xerox Corporation is delighted to continue to support IBM Z customers by enabling Xerox's industry leading mainframe print products to operate in the highly secure IBM z/OS 2.5 environment.”   Michael Kirby, Vice-President, Workplace Solutions Engineering

Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

“IBM has taken a big step forward in security with z/OS V2R5 enhancements to and simplification of pervasive encryption.  With no changes required for their existing LRS products, our customers can easily leverage these z/OS data set and spool encryption capabilities for a safe and efficient mainframe environment.” Rebecca O’Connell, Manager, EOM Product Development

Limes Datentechnik GmbH

“The FLAM® product family enables uniform, fast and secure access to data independent of the platform. With the new z/OSv2r5, we are expanding our capabilities in application modernization and increasing security for our customers. The use of our access method as an enterprise service bus for persistent data will simplify the realization of hybrid clouds and improve the interaction between platforms and applications with z/OS as the focal point.” Falk Reichbott, CTO

Select Business Solutions

“Select Business Solutions is excited to announce support for our business intelligence solutions on z/OS 2.5, whose enhancements to the IBM Z platform's stellar reputation for security, performance, reliability, and resilience facilitates our ability to provide one of the most robust yet elegantly intuitive mainframe reporting solutions in the industry.”   Zolt Koczo, SVP & GM


“With z/OS V2R5, IBM takes another step towards mainframe modernization, a path we are also following with our mainframe observability platform, ZETALY. We believe next-generation productivity solutions are key to quick and easy access to mainframe insights and participates in the Agile transformation. “   Melissa LEROY , Product Marketing Manager

HostBridge Technology

“IBM continues to refine, evolve, and enhance the world’s most powerful, scalable, and reliable enterprise computing platform. We’re pleased to support V2R5 of IBM z/OS, and we will always ensure that our integration and modernization solutions support new releases of IBM Z hardware and software.” –  Russ Teubner, CEO and co-founder


“IntelliMagic is delighted to support the innovations IBM introduces in z/OS 2.5 for more scalability and agility of the IBM Z platform. Our aim of helping our customers to achieve high levels of application service reliability at optimal cost is supported by IBM’s investments in the z/OS foundation.” –  Els Das, CEO

Phoenix Software International

“As more and more companies embrace the digital revolution, they need a hardware/software infrastructure that won't let them down. z/OS v2.5 running on z15 provides the elastic, resilient and secure infrastructure needed for successful digital transformation while maintaining strict upward compatibility for existing workloads.”  Edward Jaffe, CTO

DTS Software, LLC

For more than 30 years DTS Software has been an advocate for IBM and z/OS, and we are proud to be able to continue that commitment with our same-day support of z/OS V2R5 and its advanced features and functions. We will continue to partner with and work side by side with IBM to optimize storage management on z/OS while helping to preserve application and data integrity across the platform.”  Steve Pryor, CTO


“PKWARE is happy to announce support of z/OS 2.5 for its entire PK Protect® suite of products for z/OS. Complementing IBM Pervasive Encryption®, Smartcrypt leverages zIIP, zEDC, CPACF, and ICSF to achieve resource-saving persistent security and protection for your data at rest, or on the move.” – Michael Stebner, Director, Large Platform Engineering

Rocket Software

As a developer of the IBM OMEGAMON®, SDSF, RMF reporting, and CICS and IMS performance products, we are excited about the features introduced in z/OS v2R5 by IBM to support the hybrid cloud. We are excited about taking advantage of the new zCX capabilities to run on z/OS and to monitor applications running in a container.”  – Guy Muller, Vice President, Engineering

Oh7FoxEasy LLC

“Oh7FoxEasy is pleased to confirm their support for z/OS 2.5 specially for EPA(Executable Portfolio Analyzer). We are delighted to join IBM to help our common customers.”   James Rahm, VP, Sales & Marketing

Applied Performance Technologies, Inc.

“PerfTechPro zAnalytics® - assists managing IBM’s Tailored Fit Pricing, platform costs, supports new enhancements for Cloud Computing, AI, Security and Subsystem Transaction Level Reporting. This CPM solution, PerfTechPro zAnalytics, offers cost effective software which allows customers to take full advantage of z/OS V2.5.”  William P Hart, Vice President


“REST IT, supports IBM Z since 1994. We ensure that our clients take advantage of  z/OS 2.5 enhancements. Our company achieved a leadership position on banking, insurances, Telco, industries, Gov, … helping clients of any dimension with its System Governance solutions. REST IT, continuously works to innovate for those customers.” – Marco Passerini, VP International Operations

PKS Software GmbH

“The z/OS 2.5 announcement and IBM Z ongoing commitment to extend capabilities and deliver innovative operating system features, which provides incredible benefits to our mutual customers. Our tool eXplain uses innovative visualization engines and special code-quality metrics that provides ignificant value to our customers.” – Heidi Schmidt, Managing Partner & CEO


“INTERCHIP's RealTime Defrag (RTD) provides storage management functions to optimize System Storage space usage under z/OS 2.5 which will benefit the z/OS Ecosystem that is dependent on scalability and security.” – Alexander Buschmann , CTO

Crawford Technologies Inc.

“With our continued partnership with IBM, support for z/OS 2.5, and development of innovative solutions Crawford Technologies looks forward to providing our customers' the world's fastest, most accurate and efficient rint stream, transformations, worflow solutions and post composition tools.” – Ernie Crawford , CEO

Proximal Systems Corporation

“IBM Z provides the best of breed hardware and software platform for enterprise computing. Proximal System’s Proxy Coupling™ technology simultaneously leverages both the latest z/OS 2.5 and zLinux on the IBM Z platform to deliver optimum value to the customer." – Ron Hilton, President

Tone Software Corporation

“The powerful combination of IBM's z/OS V2.5 with Tone's JES2, JES3, STEPLIB, and host output management solutions delivers key innovations and user benefits, including enhanced SMP/e processes, simplified system management, and significant increases in efficiency, productivity, and overall z/OS ROI.” – Shirley Balarezo , President


“Precisely is excited to support the additional capabilities of z/OS V2.5, further strengthening the world’s most reliable platform. We look forward to continuing our decades-long commitment to help z/OS customers leverage these enhancements to maximize their performance and efficiency.” – John Reda , Senior VP – Product Management

Advanced Software Technologies

“IBM z/OS V2.5 is designed to enable and drive innovative development to support new hybrid cloud and AI business applications. Advanced Software Technologies has a proud heritage in supporting IBM Z and its predecessors for nearly 40 years, will continue to work together to deliver innovative enterprise-class solutions for our clients around the world." – Liat Sokolov , Dirtector


Model9 provides a zIIP eligible data management solution that discovers, moves, transforms and manages data in the private or public cloud. We are committed to work and invest in our IBM Z customers to offer day one complete support for z/OS 2.5. With the performance improvements of IBM z/OS Container Extensions as part of z/OS 2.5, our customers can run and manage the Model9 Cloud Data Manager solution on z/OS systems, without relying on any external components.” – Andi S Tepper Klorman, VP Product

Triangle Systems, Inc.

“z/OS 2.5, coupled with the Z15, represents a significant advance in both function and price/performance of the z/OS ecosystem, especially in security and availability. Our IOF product is ready now for 2.5 and provides access to JES2 spool content with a user interface we believe is second to none.” – Jim Ott, President

Direct Computer Resources, Inc.

“The DataVantage(tm) family of products (DataVantage IMS release 7.1, DataVantage Db2 release 12.2, DataVantage DME(tm) release 2.1) are all ready to run on z/OS 2.5 and continue to support the growing need for data privacy through data masking.”  – W. Vitiello, Principal

Advanced Software Products Group, Inc

“ASPG leverages innovation through continuous improvement with IBM Z assuring secure enterprise empowerment.  Our next-gen synergistic alliances are conveyed on z/OS 2.5 through world-class security, availability, and performance.” – Greg Thomason, z/OS Product Manager

NewEra Software Inc.

“NewEra Software eagerly awaits the availability of z/OS 2.5. NewEra will provide same-day support for z/OS 2.5 as it has for every new release of z/OS.  The new features and capabilities help organizations succeed in their modernization efforts and enables our customers for simultaneous deployment.” – Gordon Daniel, Director of Software Development

MPI Tech A/S

MPI Tech Mainframe Suite solutions manage your IBM Z output. We deliver AFP and line data-conversion to PCL and PostScript printers and to PDF for digital solutions. Our solutions integrate with secure pull print solutions to secure confidential output. z/OS 2.5 plays an important role in providing a secure, scalable environment for the underlying transformation process on which organizations are embarking to deliver swift innovation.”  – Gordon Daniel, Director of Software Development

B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH

“B.O.S. Software is excited about the increased capabilities of z/OS 2.5 in our shared focus hybrid cloud, application modernization, and AI. They are in line with B.O.S.‘ devotion to simplifying mainframe data exchange and will allow our customers to reach their objectives even more efficiently.” – Heinrich von Parseval, Head of Support and Technology


“We are a small company with large clients. The IBM Z Dallas ISV Center with z/OS 2.5 brings to us the ability to develop and maintain applications without this service we would simply not be able to conduct business with our clients. It brings all the capabilities of z/OS 2.5 to the client with all its inherent capabilities giving us big company support capability from a small company.” – Mike Lusicic, VP

HORIZONT Software GmbH

“z/OS 2.5 introduces further improvements and enhancements that are important for digital transformation, for example TLS 1.3 for System SSL, new Cryptographic hash utilities, enhanced System SSL diagnostic. The new features and the improved Cross-Platform Interoperability help application developers to modernize their IBM Z based applications.” – Josef Dirnberger, Managing Director

ASG Technologies

“ASG Technologies is excited to offer day-one support for new capabilities in IBM z/OS V2.5 that—together with ASG’s mainframe performance, operationsand applications management solutions—enable our mutual customers to accelerate their mainframe development modernization and hybrid cloud strategies.” – Jeff Cherrington, Vice President, Product Management

“Great to see how z/OS V2R5 keeps the mainframe platform vital, strong and attractive for large-scale businesses – it’s pure innovation” – Dr. Stephen Fedtke, CTO

GT Software

Everyone at GT Software is excited about the release of z/OS V2.5. IBM’s new hybrid cloud capabilities combined with GT Software’s Intelligent Transformation platform will help make mainframes first-class participants in today’s modern digital ecosystem.” – Alex Heublein, President

GateWAY z/OS

“Mainframes are the most trusted platform on the planet. z/OS V2.R5 will earn even more trust. GateWAY z/OS is making z platforms the most interconnected, at the epicenter of enterprise computing.” – Allen Saurette, President

Hostsystem UB

“Host System Hub continuously works to innovate for our customers, we are eager to fully exploit the z/OS 2.5 enhancements and help our mutual customers.” – Stefan Keil, Chief Developer


“IBM’s z/OS V2.5 release aligns perfectly with UNICOM Global’s z15 solutions for enterprise modernization, a perfect platform for rapid transformation and acceleration, enabling the next generation to create new hybrid cloud applications with ease and reducing reliance on specialist mainframe skills.” – Larry Lawler, CTO

The Source Recovery Company

“The Source Recovery Company is thrilled to support  z/OS 2.5 across our portfolio. Ourcompany proudly provides services for recovering COBOL or Assemblersource code from the IBM Z platform.” – James Rahm, VP, Sales & Marketing


“z/OS 2.5 and z15 hardware help QMSI provide customers with fast, low cost benefits by using a zIIP for our USPS CASS™ Certified Address Management product, QCODE. Data Spaces are used rather than VSAM for fast access and easy updates to monthly ZIP4 updates. “Mainframe Mailers” love the combination!.” – Tim Gregerson, VP, Principal

COM Software GmbH

“The improvement of z/OS 2.5 based on the support of new hardware will lead to significant performance improvements. COM Software will support their customers to raise these advantages.” – Helmut Roese,  Managing Director

GFS Software

“The release of IBM’s V2R5 is awaited with excitement by GFS Software. Our solutions will be fully supported by z/OS 2.5 from day one, and our clients can continue to count on our commitment to providing efficient management, quality and security control of critical information stored on Z.” – Pedro Figueiroa, Director of International Contracts

SAS Information Technology

“Ongoing demands for security and application availability mean customers need a reliable OS. With SAS 9 on z/OS 2.5 (coming in 2022) having secured data on which SAS customers depend on along with automated detection and procedures to prevent cyber-attacks benefits everyone.” – Tim Campbell, Director, Information Technology

Advanced Software Technologies Co., Ltd.

“The ongoing enhancement of Pervasive Encryption continues with z/OS 2.4, giving users the powerful ability to encrypt their data both at rest and on the fly without any changes to their applications. This, combined with improved management of security access via RACF, provides significantly improved data protection, benefit and value to all clients.” – Andi Tepper, Director

Applied Performance Technologies, Inc.

“zAnalytics® - assists managing IBM’s new Tailored Fit Pricing, platform costs, supports new enhancements for Cloud Computing, Security and Subsystem Transaction Level Reporting. This CPM solution PerfTechPro zAnalytics offers cost effective software that allows customers to take full advantage of z/OS V2.4.” – Bill Hart, VP

ASG Technologies

“The IBM release of z/OS V2R4 and ASG Technologies supports the DevOps approach to lean and agile software delivery. This release promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations. The enhanced support for containers will be particularly useful to our mutual customers.” – Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems

Beta Systems DCI Software AG

“We at Beta Systems are excited about the z/OS 2.4 with its new support for container technologies and easier integration into cloud environments. With the enhancements in security and encryption technologies we are sure that the extended support for DevOps will help z/OS to remain the leading platform for our clients to support their business-critical processes.” – Boris Kemp, Director Product Strategy


“IBM continues to increase the value of the z Systems platform as demonstrated by the innovative capabilities introduced in z/OS 2.4. BMC is excited to fully support z/OS 2.4 across our portfolio, including our newest BMC Automated Mainframe Intelligence (AMI) solutions. BMC AMI uses embedded domain expertise with AI to make mainframe environments more secure, more available, and more efficient while enabling increased productivity from a changing mainframe workforce. BMC is pleased to join with IBM to help our common customers run and reinvent their business and increase the value of mainframe.” – Bill Miller, President

Broadcom Inc.

“Broadcom is excited about the new developments in IBM z/OS V2R4. Continuing to improve support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments as well as the z/OS Container Extensions for running Linux Docker containers in z/OS, are perfectly aligned with Broadcom’s strategy to make the mainframe a more integrated and agile platform for clients undergoing digital transformation initiatives. This, combined with Broadcom’s investments in opening up the mainframe, including Zowe, will allow our clients to even more effectively support their business objectives.” – Hayden Lindsey, VP, WW Mainframe Architecture & Engineering

Can Do Systems, Inc.

“Working with IBM enabled us to test and employ the latest innovative technologies made available by IBM z/OS 2.4, in the ongoing development of our date simulator product, TICTOC.” – Romy Leibler, Corporate Director


“Compuware is excited to support the additional capabilities of pervasive encryption in z/OS V2.4, further strengthening the world’s most securable compute platform. We remain committed to simplifying mainframe software installation and look forward to leveraging these ecosystem-driven enhancements.” – Sam Knutson, VP, Product Management

Dovetailed Technologies

“IBM Z builds upon a legacy of security and data protection. Pervasive encryption extensions combined with significant enhancements to z/OS OpenSSH V2R4 will benefit our clients as they continue to build out secure, connected enterprises.” – Kirk Wolf, Partner

DTS Software, LLC

“Customers looking to take advantage of the enhanced security, functionality, and performance of z/OS version 2.4 will find DTS Software’s solutions for storage and systems management fully ready to provide the unique capabilities they need to insure the readiness of their critical mainframe environments.” – Steve Pryor, CTO

GFS Software

“Driven by the revolution of Digital Economy, performance, compliance, and security are critical on our days. Once again, IBM z/OS 2.4 will provide all of that, together with pervasive encryption with no application changes.” – Pedro Figueiroa, Director of International Contracts

INNOVATION Data Processing

“Continuing its tradition of assisting IBM Z customers achieve the highest levels of business resiliency at the lowest possible cost, users can count on INNOVATION solutions to assist them as they look to scale their applications to reach for the cloud, with first day support for z/OS 2.4.” – Thomas J. Meehan, VP

MacKinney Systems

“The z/OS v2.4 improvements to z/OSMF provide the next generation of mainframers the browser-based interface to modernize and enhance their productivity. MacKinney Systems is committed to provide business value products for the z/OS platform.” – Don Mais, CTO

Micro Focus

“In continued partnership with IBM and driven by customer-centered innovation, Micro Focus mainframe solutions delivers the critical technology needed for today’s digital economy. Our customers depend on the proven rigor, scalability, and security of IBM System z and the z/OS operating system to support mission critical business applications.” – Al Slovacek, VP, ADLM | Application Modernization and Connectivity


“Model9 provides a zIIP-based data management solution that delivers any mainframe data directly to analytics services in the cloud. IBM z/OS Container Extensions enables our customers to run and manage our UI component on IBM Z Docker container in z/OS instead of on a separated Linux server!” – Adi Shtatfeld, VP Product Management

NewEra Software

“NewEra Software eagerly awaits the availability of z/OS V2R4. NewEra will provide same-day support for z/OS V2R4as it has for every new release of z/OS. The enhancements IBM will deliver makes z/OS the right choice for organizations dependent on unparalleled uptime, reliability and securability, just as NewEra Software’s Integrity Controls Environment (ICE) helps its customers create and maintain a highly available, safer and more secure environment for their business applications. NewEra’s New Release Analysis tool will make the upgrade to z/OS V2R4faster and less costly by aiding in the research, planning and testing of z/OS V2R4.” – Jerry Seefeldt, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Phoenix Software International

“Suppose your z/OS-resident application wants to access a microservice that runs on Linux. Do you want the request to go off platform, across interfaces you don't necessarily trust, into systems whose performance characteristics you don't necessarily understand, and whose maintenance schedules and downtime philosophies might not align with yours? Or would you prefer bullet-proof, secure, z/OS performance and infrastructure behind that microservice so you know it will be there when you need it – guaranteed? I know what my answer is...” – Ed Jaffe, CTO


“We are excited to provide our customers with Smartcrypt data-centric security solutions leveraging the most advanced pervasive encryption technologies of z/OS 2.4 and IBM Z, including a rich set of facilities for data translation, compression, encapsulation, encryption, and integrity.” – Michael Stebner, Director, Large Platform Engineering

Sas Institute

“IBM’s embrace of open-source container technology is very exciting. Putting z/Linux and all that comes with it within z/OS is going to let these two strong technologies interoperate at a level never seen before. Partners for more than 41 years, SAS and IBM remain dedicated to deliver SAS solutions on IBM industry leading infrastructure for the benefit of our customers.” – Ken Gahagan, Director, Sas Research and Development

Tone Software Corporation

“The winning combination of the IBM z/OS V2R4 release and Tone Software's z/OS productivity technologies for JES2, JES3, STEPLIBs and host output management delivers unprecedented opportunities for global businesses to increase efficiency and the overall value proposition from their System Z investment.” – Shirley Balarezo, President


“As a developer of mainframe modernization solutions, UNICOM is excited about the new features IBM has introduced in z/OS V2R4 to support digital transformation. This new version also strengthens security and data protection, cementing the mainframe’s leading position in the fight against cybercrime.” – Larry Lawler, CTO

Applied Performance Technologies, Inc.

“PerfTechPro zAnalytics® is excited to announce support of the new z15 air-cooled single frame by providing assistance managing hardware and software costs. By supporting these latest mainframe innovations, zAnalytics offers cost-effective solutions which allow our clients to take full advantage of the IBM Z platform.”  – Bill Hart, Vice President

Compuware Corporation

“The efficiencies provided in the IBM z15 single-frame, together with Compuware File-AID, ThruPut Manager and Topaz, as well as our Storage Management capabilities, will empower enterprises to leverage their modern mainframes with ease and effectiveness while significantly reducing the cost of ownership.” –  Sam Knutson, Vice President, Product Management

I/S Management Strategies, ltd.

“With the announcement of the z15 single-frame the LPAR Capacity and Software Usage Analysis (LCS) Software has been updated to assist clients in analyzing effects of this new hardware on their IBM software charges… Many of the evolutionary steps in IBM mainframe hardware and software help customers maximize their investment by optimizing their TCO.” – Alan M. Sherkow, President


“We are excited to leverage z15 technology, such as compression on the processor chip for Smartcrypt data-centric security solutions. This enriches our seamless solutions for data translation, compression, encapsulation, encryption, and integrity.” – Michael Stebner, Director, Large Platform Engineering



“At UNICOM Global we are excited by the enhanced data privacy and security features of the IBM z15 single frame, which further build on the resiliency and pervasive encryption capabilities that set the z15 apart. UNICOM software in combination with the IBM z15 single-frame delivers a compelling solution for enterprises facing the toughest security and regulatory challenges.” – Larry Lawler, CTO

Watson & Walker, Inc.

"Cheryl Watson of Watson & Walker is most excited about the z15 System Recovery Boost now made available with the z15 air-cooled single-frame. This should significantly increase uptime for customers who exploit this new technology." – Cheryl Watson, CEO

zCost Management

"The combination of ZETALY and the new IBM z15 single-frame provides an increasingly compelling value proposition for organizations looking to take advantage of having their mission-critical, highly available and scalable solution in a 19” frame package."  – Jacky Hofbauer, President

Advanced Software Technologies Co., Ltd.

“With up to 40TB of main memory, z15 T01 will enable in-memory processing of extremely large data aggregates without the need for intermediate use of external storage, resulting in massively increased throughput and significantly improved productivity, and providing a quantum leap in benefits for all clients.” – Andi Tepper, Director

Applied Performance Technologies, Inc.

“Applied Performance Technologies, Inc. PerfTechPro zAnalytics® is excited to announce support of the new IBM z15, providing assistance managing hardware and software costs by supporting these latest mainframe innovations. zAnalytics offers cost-effective solutions which allow customers to take full advantage of the IBM Z platform.”  – Bill Hart, VP

ASG Technologies

“The IBM z15 and ASG Technologies’ ASG-PRO/JCL supports the DevOps approach to lean and agile software delivery that promotes closer collaboration between lines of business, development and IT operations.” – Jeff Cherrington, VP, Product Management, Systems


“Compuware is excited about the addition of the IBM z15 to the IBM Z family and the value it offers to mainframe customers. The IBM z15 is the ideal solution for a two-platform IT architecture strategy­­, where the virtues of both IBM Z and cloud consumed services are leveraged to achieve DevOps.” – Sam Knutson, VP, Product Management

Dell EMC

“Like Dell EMC’s PowerMax and DLm, the IBM z15 is a great choice for a wide range of environments. IBM customers can count on our 25+ year partnership for mutual compatibility, support and commitment to ongoing storage innovation.” – Robert Decrescenzo, SVP Product Development Engineering

Dovetailed Technologies

“The IBM z15 builds upon a legacy of security and data protection. Pervasive encryption extensions combined with significant enhancements to z/OS OpenSSH V2R4 will benefit our clients as they continue to build out secure, connected enterprises.” – Kirk Wolf, Partner

GT Software

“The combination of GT Software’s mainframe integration and API creation tools with the new IBM z15 provides an increasingly compelling value proposition for organizations looking to take advantage of having their mission-critical, highly-available and scalable solution. Together with GT Software, IBM z15 will solidify the mainframe’s position as the cornerstone of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.” – Steve Hassett, President

INNOVATION Data Processing

“INNOVATION Data Processing, continuing its tradition of providing first-day available solutions that help IBM Z customers achieve the highest level of business resiliency at the lowest possible cost, is ready once again, as users scale their applications to reach for the cloud with their new IBM z15.” – Thomas J. Meehan, VP

MacKinney Systems

“The IBM z15's temporary boost in CP capacity is a great feature when a little extra processing power is required. MacKinney Systems is committed to provide business value products for the z/OS and z/VSE platforms.” – Don Mais, CTO


“The ability to leverage the IBM z15 enhanced capabilities of compression and encryption empowers Model9 and enables our customers to effectively process vast amounts of data for cloud analytics, while saving on CPU consumption and reducing costs dramatically.” – Adi Shtatfeld, VP Product Management

Phoenix Software International

“Can't wait to see how much faster our IPLs run with System Recovery Boost!” – Ed Jaffe, CTO


“We are excited to leverage advanced technologies of the new IBM z15 with Smartcrypt data-centric security solutions - including a rich set of facilities for data translation, compression, encapsulation, encryption, and integrity.” – Michael Stebner, Director, Large Platform Engineering

Rocket Software

“Rocket believes that IBM Z is a must-have platform for clients who want to run a hybrid cloud for their mission critical businesses. With APls, data virtualization and Zowe support we have partnered with IBM to help clients expose their business-critical assets, and evolve, develop and optimize applications for multi-cloud environments. This really is the future of computing and Rocket is proud to play a key role in helping clients deliver hybrid cloud solutions leveraging IBM Z.” – Andy Youniss, President and CEO


“A 19-inch frame, new power/cooling options, on-board compression, up to 40 Terabytes of memory! The IBM z15 T01 continues to provide the performance needed to deliver state-of-the-art SAS analytics on the mainframe platform.” – Ken Gahagan, Director, Research and Development

Tone Software Corporation

“With unmatched stability, performance, and the power to fuel digital transformation, Tone Software applauds the IBM z15 platform and the significant benefits the technology provides to Tone's z/OS productivity solution users, as well as the mainframe business community.” – Shirley Balarezo, President


"Modern banking paradigm starts with customers - outside in - to create a digital engagement layer that can connect to core banking systems." - Jouk Pleiter, Founder and CEO

Fiorano Software

“Fiorano is partnering with IBM Z and LinuxONE to bring to customers Open Banking and ISO 20022 transformation accelerators, to easily comply with regulations, dynamically deliver assets and build capabilities for better customer engagement.” – Biju Suresh Babu, Managing Director, BFS


“With FUJITSU Enterprise Postgres on IBM LinuxONE, financial organizations have access to a highly secure, scalable and cost-effective solution with high data performance and superior support for large-scale workloads.” – Niki Kennedy, Senior Director, Global Data Management

Intellect Design Arena

"Intellect Digital Core on IBM LinuxONE solution enables banks to be customer-centric, agile, and compliant and allows them to use a technology infrastructure that’s infused with intelligence, protected with advanced security, and future-proofed against the flow of breakthroughs and risks.” — Banesh Prabhu, CEO Intellect SEEC


“We help our clients increase the lifetime value of their customer relationships through effective revenue management and real-time customer experience orchestration with cloud-native, cloud-agnostic products.” – Amit Dua, President Client Facing Group


“By deploying the cloud-native Cyberbank platform on IBM LinuxONE technology, banks can scale their digital offerings to provide responses in milliseconds to millions of users. The end-to-end capability of Cyberbank is what sets it apart from other banking platforms” — Ricardo Zuasti, CPO


“Zafin on IBM Z can enable banks to externalize product, pricing, and billing information from their core systems in real-time leveraging IBM zDIH to create new business values through data and embedded analytics, gain flexibility, agility, and accelerate time to market.” – Al Karim Somji, Founder and CEO

ISV stories

Event streaming on IBM zSystems

Confluent on IBM zSystems offers the capabilities you need to modernize your mainframe applications with a resilient data streaming platform.

Omni-channel customer experience

Backbase® on IBM Z unifies data from different systems to create a seamless digital customer experience.

Real-time product and pricing experience

Zafin® on IBM Z and Linux on Z offers relationship-based product, pricing, and offer management to improve flexibility.

Relationship-based product and pricing

SunTec® Xelerate on IBM Z and LinuxONE delivers real-time relationship-based product, pricing, and billing to accelerate digital transformation.

Next-gen contextual banking

Intellect Design® Core on IBM Z and LinuxONE delivers an API-driven, contextual banking platform to accelerate channel transformation.

Flexible and extensive digital core banking

Temenos® Transact on IBM Z and LinuxONE offers cloud-native, advanced AI, and API-first technologies for core banking transformation.

Innovative digital core banking

Technisys® Cyberbank NextGen Core on LinuxONE uses parameterization tools to help banks accelerate digital banking efforts.

Frictionless, secure, self-service payments

Fiorano® on IBM Z and LinuxONE offers an API-centric hybrid integration platform for open banking, payments, and compliance.

Optimized open-source database platform

FUJITSU® Enterprise Postgres on LinuxONE delivers enterprise-ready requirements for security, HTAP workloads, and high availability.

Modern enterprise database

MongoDB® on IBM Z and LinuxONE supports the data serving needs of enterprise businesses with reliability, scalability, and reduced overhead.