IBM Global AI Adoption Index 2022
IBM’s annual poll of global IT senior decision makers found AI adoption continued at a measured pace worldwide.
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Key takeaways Automation and skills

AI is helping address the talent and skill shortages by automating repetitive tasks.

Building trust

Trust is a priority, but many organizations haven’t taken steps to ensure AI is trustworthy.

Making business sustainable

Companies around the world are ready to invest in AI to address their sustainability goals.

AI adoption AI adoption has been gradual as organizations work to implement holistic strategies, but the long-term trend is clear: only one in five companies today don’t plan to use AI.
Skills Lack of skills remains a barrier to adoption, but AI is also helping to rectify labor gaps by automating tasks.
Trustworthy AI While organizations have embraced AI, few have made tangible investments in ways to ensure trust or address bias.
Sustainability AI is already playing a role in helping companies go green, analyze impact and make operations more sustainable.
Use cases Automation use cases are at the forefront as companies use AI to stay competitive and operate more efficiently.
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