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Take action faster with orchestration and automation

Organizations face growing security operations challenges - the volume and severity of cyber threats continue to rise, and at the same time hiring and retaining security operations professionals remain difficult. These factors, and others, are driving the adoption of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools that can help security teams respond to and remediate complex cyber threats.

SOAR empowers security analysts by automating common security operations and incident response (IR) processes, guiding them through the necessary steps to resolve complex cases. They can access important security information quickly with the relevant incident context, enabling accurate decision making and decisive action. It leverages automation and 3rd-party integrations to increase the productivity of security analysts and improve the effectiveness of deployed technologies—alleviating the skills gap and alert fatigue.

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Key Highlights

Reduce remediation time

Automate manual and repetitive tasks.

Improve security effectiveness

Embed orchestration and automation across the incident response process

Prioritize analyst workload

Guide actions with customized playbooks


Measure and improve security operations center (SOC) effectiveness

Reduce the manual steps in incident response through security orchestration and automation, which can be invoked at any step in the incident response process, to improve SOC productivity, processes, and time to resolve.

Streamline security operations management

A common security operations challenge is managing IT complexity. Help security analysts manage disparate security products across the organization via extensive 3rd party apps and integrations for common security and IT operations tools.

Proactively manage incident response

Allow security teams to automatically adapt their IR processes to real-time incident conditions, enabling a fast and complete response, with dynamic playbooks. With agile and adaptive workflows built on a sophisticated logic engine, dynamic playbooks update IR plans automatically as new information about an incident is uncovered, using organizations’ security tools to ingest data about an incident.

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