On June 8th, EMA and IBM discuss data security findings and Guardium Insights version 3.0.

Curious how Guardium compares? Get the details here.

Curious how Guardium compares? Get the details here. Compare modern data security

Feature spotlights

Centralized monitoring across the hybrid multicloud

Guardium Insights acts as a central hub for data activity monitoring across disparate cloud (and when connected with IBM Security Guardium Data Protection) on-premises data sources. Further, the Guardium Universal Connector framework allows security teams and developers to easily build their own Connectors to any additional data source.This helps ensure that security teams get a snapshot of activity across the entire environment to discover risks and trends quicker - and with more context.

Modernized architecture for flexible deployment and scaling

Built on Red Hat OpenShift and deployed via microservice Kubernetes containers, Guardium Insights is compatible with major cloud data sources, including AWS Kinesis and Azure Event Hubs. This means that as business and cloud priorities change, your data security tools do not have to.

Advanced analytics to identify, analyze, and score risks

With predictive analytics and outlier detection, Guardium Insights can learn normal operations then quickly discover abnormal and suspicious user behavior. Guardium Insights can then add context, such as identifying the user behind privileged credentials, and score risks according to potential impact - helping prioritize remediation and stop potential breaches in their tracks.

Integration with mission critical security and IT tools

Guardum Insights can integrate with your SIEM, SOC, ticketing platform, and other key security and IT tools via REST APIs or, in the case of Cloud Pak for Security, via shared architecture. This allows data security insights contextualized via advanced analytics to be shared with other security teams. This actionable information helps combat alert fatigue and ensures that remediation steps are taken against high-priority data threats.

Automated workflows and long-term storage to meet compliance

Custom data monitoring policies and the full audit lifecycle can be defined, while processes and notifications can be automated, reducing the time spent manually addressing compliance requirements. This compliance data can then be stored for years, helping cut down on third party collectors and enriching investigations with empirical data.

Fast reporting to understand trends and notify stakeholders

Reports within Guardium Insights can be generated in seconds, and custom reports can be developed from scratch. This allows data security teams to quickly correlate and visualize data source activity over time, identify historical trends, and share out reports with key data security and data governance stakeholders across the organization.

Learn more about Cloud Pak for Security, connected security for a modernized SOC

Learn more about Cloud Pak for Security, connected security for a modernized SOC Read the market guide (PDF, 14.1 MB)

Think 2021 Showcase

Evolving Your Data Security for the Hybrid Multicloud World

While another year at IBM Think came and went, the points made in IBM Security Guardium's session are timeless and critical to your data security success. Join Leslie Wiggins, Program Director of Guardium Product Management as she leads a panel that includes an esteemed IBM partner and a security leader from a valued Guardium client. In this session, Evolving Your Data Security for the Hybrid Multicloud World, they dive into detail about everything from breaking down data security silos to what it would be like to lead a team of developers in creating in-house security tools to the importance MITRE ATT&CK when scoping out modern programs.