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A global data platform optimized for NVIDIA AI performance

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Accelerate your NVIDIA AI workloads

IBM® Storage solutions for AI and NVIDIA provide the high-performance connections that are required for GPU-accelerated computing, including NVIDIA DGX PODs, SuperPODs and the recently announced DGX H100 SuperPOD. The IBM global data platform accelerates data access even further with faster access to your remote data, even in the cloud.


Faster results with more data

IBM provides parallel high-performance access to more data with a global data platform integrating file and object data from edge to core to cloud for NVIDIA AI workloads.

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Faster access to NVIDIA GPUs

To support faster AI workloads with faster storage performance, IBM supports NVIDIAA GPUDirect Storage that bypasses the CPU and reads data directly from storage into GPUmemory.

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Simple to start

Start with a single node that provides up to 91GB/s and scale to thousands of nodes and TB/s of performance. IBM and NVIDIA DGX Reference Architectures provide an easy path to architect IBM Storage andNVIDIA DGX systems. 

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Storage systems for NVIDIA Simplify your infrastructure by breaking down data silos to lower costs with one data platform and a single source of truth for your AI workloads. IBM Spectrum® Scale

Solve AI data challenges with innovation, simplicity and business results.

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IBM Elastic Storage® System

More easily deploy fast, highly scalable storage for AI and big data.

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IBM Spectrum Fusion

Take advantage of enterprise container-native storage solutions for OpenShift®.

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Storage for AI

Modernize your storage infrastructure for artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

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Next steps

Learn how IBM Storage solutions can help you modernize for next generation AI workloads without compromise.