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Watson Health Imaging Statements and Patches

This document contains the following recommended support resources for the Watson Health Imaging products:

Security Patches

Current Reports

Prior Reports

DICOM Conformance Statements

Merge PACS IBM Watson Imaging Clinical Review Merge Unity PACS eFilm Ortho Solutions Interoperability Solutions IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive IBM iConnect® Access CADstream
Merge Cardio DICOM

IHE Integration Statements

IBM iConnect® Enterprise Archive
Merge Cardio

Merge Cardiology Solutions
Vulnerability Reports: Merge continues its active survey of vendor vulnerability reports and additional information resources in order to remain abreast of threats announced by Microsoft and others. Security Bulletins are released by Microsoft on the second Tuesday monthly. Watson Health personnel immediately evaluate these bulletins to determine their applicability to our products.

Patch Validation: Once applicable patches are identified, they are tested to make sure they will not adversely affect Merge systems. In the case of patches that are labeled Critical, we most often will make them available to customers in less than 5 days.

Internet Email Worms: As we know, these attacks send electronics email messages with malware attachments that clog email systems and, if opened, can sometimes cause harm. Since Merge VERICIS acquisition systems and cardiac data management products are not used for email, these malware attacks will not affect these systems. Our diagnostic workstations are dedicated devices and, though based on a Windows platform, are not configured to, nor intended to operate with a email client.