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QMGTOOLS: Must Gather Data Collector User's Guide



This document contains a guide to common functions for the QMGTOOLS (Must Gather Data Collector Tool).

Resolving The Problem

This document contains a guide to common functions for the QMGTOOLS (MustGather Data Collector Tool).

Note: As more functions are added, additional guides will be added to this document.  This document covers common functions; advanced functions are not yet documented.

What is it
QMGTOOLS (MustGather tool set) is a set of tools to assist individual teams collect data for issues concerning their product. For example, the PowerHA menu contains a set of programs that will collect specific items (joblogs, SST macro output, VLOGs, and so on) to assist the technical representative in debugging a problem. A user will install this tool (it is a save library, so restore the library) on his/her IBM i and use the menu to collect data for the specific problem:


Where to get it and how to install

How to get to the main menu
2. GO MG, and press Enter.

System Snapshot

FTP Data to IBM

Store FTP2IBMCMD Credentials

Check IBM For Updated QMGTOOLS

Help Information For Menu Items
If help is available, some of the menu items should contain a help URL. For example, in the HA (High Availability) menu, there is a help URL.


Temporary Libraries
Some menu options will produce temporary libraries that can be deleted after data is successfully saved or transmitted to IBM.  The text description, in the object description of the QMGTOOLS temporary libraries, will denote if the library can be deleted.  For example, the following temporary libraries will be created when performance data is collected via the Performance/Misc. Collection menu or SYSSNAP command:
QIBMDBTSTG - Created to collect SQL Plan Cache data
QIBMCSMBRS - Created to collect Collection Services files
QIBMMGTCOL - Created to collect Collection Services data stored in the *MGTCOL object.

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06 July 2020