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Planning to upgrade to IBM i 7.4 (Software)

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Planning to upgrade to IBM i 7.4 (Software)

Software planning

The following products and functions are not supported on IBM i 7.4.  Plans should be made to replace or discontinue use of these products and functions prior to upgrading to IBM i 7.4.  Please review prior release planning pages, as appropriate, for products/functions not supported in those releases that will also not be supported on IBM i 7.4. 

Software Suggested replacement
5739-ZC1 Zend Server Basic edition Effective June 30, 2020, IBM will no longer deliver Zend Server Basic edition with the IBM i operating system (5770-SS1). Effective June 30, 2021, Zend Server Basic support is withdrawn completely. Clients who wish to continue using Zend Server can acquire the software, licensing, and support directly from Zend by Perforce. Clients who wish to use the open source Community PHP may acquire an Open Source Support contract from IBM ( 
IBM Navigator for i Due to changes in how browsers handle self-signed certificates, IBM Navigator for i will no longer be shipped with SSL enabled by default.  Users can configure SSL using the instructions found at this link:  In addition, any saved URL's for IBM Navigator for i will not work by default because we are now using HTTP and port 2004 instead of HTTPS and port 2005.
5733-OPS IBM i Open Source Solutions

IBM i Open Source Solutions packages are now delivered via RPMs rather than via 5733-OPS Licensed Program Product (LPP) options.  For more information on how to acquire the software via RPMs, refer to the documentation at

Effective September 24, 2018, the following options no longer receive support or fixes:

  • Option 1 (Node.js beta release)
  • Option 3 (chroot and compiler enablement)
  • Option 5 (Node.js version 4)
  • Option 8 (Eclipse Orion)

The remaining options will no longer receive support or fixes beyond the following dates:

  • Option 2 (Python 3.4): February 28, 2019
  • Option 10 (Node.js version 6): April 4, 2019
  • Options 4, 6, 7, 9, and 11: December 15, 2019

All future open source packages are delivered via RPM only.

5733-W80 IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.0 Migrate to IBM WebSphere Application Server V8.5.5.15 or V9.0.0.11.  Because migration does not require WebSphere Application Server V8.0 to be operational, migration can occur before or after upgrading to IBM i 7.4.
5733-WQX IBM DB2 Web Query for i V2.1 or V2.2.0 Upgrade to IBM Web Query 2.2.1 or later and apply the latest Web Query group PTF.
5770-JV1 IBM Developer Kit for Java, Option 14

Java SE 7/7.1 32 bit

Upgrade to newer Java level using Option 16 of IBM Developer Kit for Java
5770-JV1 IBM Developer Kit for Java, Option 15 Java SE 7/7.1 64 bit Upgrade to newer Java level using Option 17 of IBM Developer Kit for Java
5770-RD1 IBM Content Manager OnDemand for i
Version 7.4 of Content Manager OnDemand for i will be the last release to include Spool File Archive Report Management Cycle (RMC) functionality. RMC is used to manage data that was archived in Spool File Archive (SFA) that has not yet been migrated to the Archived Storage Manager (ASM) of Common Server. If you migrated from Spool File Archive to Common Server by re-spooling your data and archiving it directly into Common Server or if you used the Media Migration Facility (MMF; the Migrate Media (MGRMEDRDAR) command) to migrate your Spool File Archive data such that it is now under the control of ASM, this information does not impact you. The removal of RMC functionality only impacts you if you have not migrated your Spool File Archive data to Common Server. If you have further questions, contact IBM support in your geography.
Previous versions of Content Manager OnDemand for i supported the use of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) in addition to ASM or in place of ASM as your storage manager, or simply as another media choice for use in ASM migration policies. The Tivoli Storage Manager APIs for IBM i were withdrawn from support on April 30, 2015. Because of the Tivoli Storage Manager APIs support withdrawal, Content Manager OnDemand for i no longer supports Tivoli Storage Manager in either of the previously described scenarios. See the Content Manager OnDemand for i Read This First document for V7.4 for additional information.
The ODWEK 32-bit CGI and Servlet are no longer supported and are not included in V7.4. Customers using CGI and Servlet should switch to IBM Content Navigator (ICN).
5770-XE1 IBM i Access for Windows Effective April 30, 2019, IBM has withdrawn support for IBM i Access for Windows (5770-XE1).  Replacement product is IBM i Access Client Solutions (5733-XJ1).  Refer to for more information.

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