Overview of Three Support Offerings

Support Guide IBM Software Support

IBM Software Support Advanced, Extended, Sustained

IBM Software offers support options that give you the flexibility to:
  • add a higher level of support to your current Subscription & Support if and when you choose.
  • add additional time so you can determine your upgrade plans.
  • move to new products, services and solutions to drive cloud, AI, transformation and modernization initiatives.
Support Offering Comparison
S&S (Base) Advanced Extended Sustained
Prerequisites Product License S&S, SaaS Subscription, Sustained S&S or Sustained Product License
Length of time 2/3/5 years (based on Lifecycle) Based on Lifecycle 4 years (1+3) 5 years
New Defect Support Yes Yes Critical Defect Support 1st year only No
Enhancements Yes No No No
New Security Updates Yes Yes 1st year ONLY No
Existing Fixes (FixCentral Yes Yes Yes Yes
Documentation: Usage, how-to’s, self-help information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Technical Support Case Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pricing & Ordering

For Extended and Sustained Support assistance, please contact your Subscription and Annuity Representative. You can also use the email addresses provided below for assistance:

For Advanced Support assistance, please contact your Technology Expert Labs Representative or [email protected].

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