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Resolving AIX Open Source RPM Package and Application Issues

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Where can I get support for AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software?

I need help:

  • Installing RPM Packages
  • Configuring or running the applications


RPM packages from the AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software site are not supported through AIX support; however, assistance with installing or configuring those packages is available through the "AIX Open Source Community Discussion" forum. See the SUPPORT section at the end of this document for details.

The AIX Open Source Community Forum can assist with:

  • Possible defects found in a Toolbox RPM Package
  • Understanding error messages from attempts to install or configure a Toolbox RPM Package
  • Security Vulnerabilities found in the Toolbox RPM Package
  • Dependency issues with an rpm package from the AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software site
# rpm -i pango-1.40.1-2waixX11.aix6.1.ppc.rpm
    error: Failed dependencies:
        glib2 >= 2.33.12 is needed by pango-1.40.1-2waixX11.ppc
        libXrender is needed by pango-1.40.1-2waixX11.ppc
  • If the rpm packages you need help with come from "non-IBM Toolbox" sources, you will need to contact those sources for support.
  • For true expertise in usage of each package, you can consult the open source community for each respective package project.
  • See the AIX Open Source Support Tips - OSS Project Community Links

Who should engage the AIX Open Source team?

  1. IBM product teams (for example, Db2, WebSphere, etc.) and other third-party product teams should engage the AIX Open Source team directly to help fix any dependency problems. These products might have certain RPM dependencies, so collaboration between software product teams and the AIX Open Source team is essential to keeping the dependencies current. 
  2. Users who are downloading and installing Toolbox RPMS should search the forum, or open a discussion with the AIX Open Source team if they cannot find the answer in existing threads. 
    • If the issue is due to dependencies installing a package required by a supported IBM product, users might need to engage that software product support to ensure they are downloading the correct packages.

A) For all questions or issues with AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software ("AIX Toolbox") packages, support is provided through the following options:

1) The AIX Open Source Community Discussion forum: 

Cases opened to address AIX Toolbox problems are canceled and users are referred to the Open Source Forum.
If you experience technical issues accessing the AIX Open Source community or forum, refer to the footer of the IBM Community forum page.
There is email, and "Contact Us" information for community support

B) If there is a problem with installing rpm.rte, or executing the rpm binary file, open an AIX Case (See the following C section) for assistance.

Examples of rpm.rte issues supported through AIX Support:
- Errors updating or migrating the rpm.rte file set
- Commands from the rpm.rte file set core dump, or have runtime errors.

Example of an rpm.rte rpm loading issue:

# rpm -qa
    exec(): 0509-036 Cannot load program /usr/opt/freeware/bin/rpm because of the following errors:
    0509-150 Dependent module could not be loaded.
    0509-022 Cannot load module
    0509-026 System error: A file or directory in the path name does not exist.

This example would be handled through an IBM AIX Support case, and the support team would help resolve the missing modules.
To learn what is provided and supported by the rpm.rte file set:

# lslpp -f rpm.rte

C) Opening an AIX Support Case

If more assistance is required for issues with the rpm.rte file set (see preceding B section), use the following step-by-step instructions to contact IBM to open a case for software with an active and valid support contract.  

1.  Document (or collect screen captures of) all symptoms, errors, and messages related to your issue.

2.  Capture any logs or data relevant to the situation.

3.  Contact IBM to open a case:

   -For electronic support, see the IBM Support Community:
   -If you require telephone support, see the web page:

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31 October 2022