AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software : Get Started

Get Started with the AIX Toolbox for Open Source Software


The AIX Toolbox team recommends DNF (the next-generation replacement for YUM) to install and manage Open Source software packages and dependencies from the AIX Toolbox.

  • For easy DNF installation, use the script.
    • The script will download and install the required rpm.rte version, and all the packages needed for DNF.
  • Non-AIX Toolbox packages that deliver files available in AIX file sets or AIX Toolbox packages might result in unexpected behavior. It is recommended to remove those non-AIX Toolbox packages.
  • Setting the system LIBPATH to load other paths before /opt/freeware/lib might cause failures for AIX Toolbox applications.
    • If your application has explicit LIBPATH requirements, it is recommended to apply the LIBPATH to the application via a wrapper or configuration file. Setting the LIBPATH might break many AIX and AIX Toolbox applications.
  • See the list of available AIX Toolbox Open Source packages
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