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DS8000 Code Recommendation

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DS8000 Code Recommendation


This generalized recommendation is made available to assist Clients in implementing a code update strategy. It is a full field perspective, and as such, a customized recommendation which takes into account specifics such as business upgrade windows, length of time since last update, decommission plans, etc., may require assistance from local support teams.  

IBM recommends Clients evaluate code update / value options annually.

In the following table, the levels shown under the Minimum Installed Level heading, are considered stable release levels. Clients running at or above these levels may remain in place unless an update is required for specific fixes or new function.

The levels shown under the Recommended "go-to" Level heading are considered stable release levels, that have accumulated a reasonable amount of runtime in Client environments, and/or contain critical fixes. Clients who are planning to upgrade code, should choose a level from this column, unless a higher level is required for specific fixes or new function.

DS8900F  code stream(s) actively being maintained: 89.0x.xx.xx
DS8880 code stream(s) actively being maintained: 88.5x.xx.xx
DS8870 code stream(s) actively being maintained: 87.52.xx.xx

The word "must" in the notes below refers to bundles resolving specific problems for a targeted subset of DS8000 systems and communicated via My Notifications to clients, or ECA (Engineering Change/Field Actions) Information Alerts to IBM Service colleagues.

In this document, text highlighted in blue denotes a hyperlink to additional information.

Remote Support requires VPN (8870), AOS, or RSC after June 30, 2018 .
Remote Code Load is supported for all DS8900F, and DS8880 systems, and for DS8870 at or above R7.5 SP7.1 -

Model Minimum
Installed Level
"go to" Level
Latest Level
DS8900F (R9.0)
R9.0 SP1.1 -
[Dec 2019]
R9.0 SP1.1 -
[Dec 2019]
R9.0 SP1.1 -
[Dec 2019]
DS8880 (R8.5) R8.5 GA2 -
[Sep 2018] ( 26, 32, 33, 34 )
R8.5 SP3.2 -
[Oct 2019] ( 26, 34 )
R8.5 SP4.1 -
[Nov 2019] ( 26 )
DS8880 (R8.4) R8.4 GA -
[Jul 2018] ( 26, 27, 29, 33 )
R8.5 SP3.2 -
[Oct 2019] ( 26 )
R8.4 SP2.1 -
[Mar 2019] ( 26, 33 )
DS8880 (R8.3) R8.3 SP1.1 -
[Mar 2018] (25, 26 , 27, 29, 33 )
R8.5 SP3.2 -
[Oct 2019] ( 26 )
R8.3 SP3.3 -
[Aug 2018] ( 26, 29, 33 )
Move to the recommended R8.5 microcode level
DS8870 (R7.5) R7.5 SP7.1 -
[Aug 2017] ( 16, 29 )
R7.5 SP11 -
[Apr 2019]
R7.5 SP12 -
[Oct 2019]
DS8870 (R7.4)
DS8870 (R7.3)
DS8870 (R7.2)
DS8870 (R7.1)
DS8870 (R7.0)

Move to the recommended R7.5 microcode level
The following footnotes apply only to the code levels where cited above.
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Note 16: Global Mirror may stop forming consistency groups after volumes are removed from the session.
Note 25: DS8880 Clients running Open Systems hosts on R8.3 with > 15 connections per LUN must be at R8.3 SP1.3 - / R8.3 SP3.1 - or higher.
Note 26: DS8880 Clients running z Systems on R8.3 or later must review HIPER APAR OA55379 .
Note 27: DS8880 Clients running R8.3 or later code bundles and IBM i below 7.2 TR7 or 7.3 TR3, must be at R8.3 SP3.3 - or higher.
Note 29: As of April 30, 2019, security fixes are being provided at or above 8870 bundle R7.5 SP10 -, and 8880 bundle R8.4 SP1 -
Note 33: DS8880 Clients running Multi-Target PPRC or Metro-Global-Mirror must be at R8.5 SP3.2 - or R8.5 SP4.1 - or higher.
Note 34: DS8880 Clients using SafeGuarded Copy must be at R8.5 SP4.1 - or higher.


DS8900F Flashes, Alerts and Bulletins

DS8880 Flashes, Alerts and Bulletins

DS8870 Flashes, Alerts and Bulletins

Historical Information

Model Minimum
Installed Level
"go to" Level
Latest Level
DS8800 End of Service as of 31 March, 2019
Last code level was R6.3 SP18 - [Aug 2018]
End of Service as of 31 December, 2017
Last code level was R6.3 SP16.1 - [Jul 2017]
DS8100 / DS8300
End of Service as of 31 March, 2016
Last code level was R4.3 SP20 - [Mar 2015]
Historical footnotes:

Note 1: DS8100/DS8300 code updates are a chargeable activity as of March 31,2016
Note 2: DS8100/DS8300 RAID 10 or RAID 6 configurations require R4.3 SP10 efix1 - or above.
Note 3: DS8700/DS8800 Clients using RAID 10 must be at or above bundles R6.2 SP2 - Clients using RAID 10 or RAID 6 configurations below R6.2 SP4.1 -, are recommended to move to the current recommended R6.3 level.
Note 4: DS8700/DS8800 Clients using Extended Address Volume (EAV) capability in combination with FlashCopy must be at or above bundle R6.2 SP2.1 -
Note 5: DS8700/DS8800 Clients using zHPF must be at R6.3 SP13 - or higher.
Note 6: DS8870 Clients using zHPF must be at or above R7.4 SP4 -, or R7.5 SP2 -
Note 7: DS8870 Clients on R7.4 GA that would like to take advantage of the new DS8000 GUI must be at or above R7.4 SP1.1 - or higher to avoid issues with open system hosts that are using LUN mapping.
Note 8: DS8870 Clients with High Performance Flash Enclosures should install R7.5 SP2.3 - or higher
Note 9: DS8870 Clients running Global Mirror are recommended to be at or above R7.5 SP2.3, to avoid Global Mirror suspend caused by a Track Format Descriptor mismatch.
Note 10: IBM i hosts and DS8870 or DS8880 with 16 Gb host adapters require minimum code levels for DS8870 or for DS8880
Note 11 : DS8000 Clients with VMWare® hosts must be at or above: R4.3 SP20 - for DS8100/DS8300, R6.3 SP10 - for DS8700, R6.3 SP10 - for DS8800, R7.4 / R7.3 for DS8870.
Note 12: N-Series with DS8870 require, or and above. With DS8880 require, or and above.
Note 13: Users of GDPS/PPRC, GDPS/PPRC HyperSwap Manager, and GDPS/MTMM require the PTFs for APARs PI67964 and PI62614 prior to running with this release of microcode. This is especially important for those installations that use PPRCFAILURE=COND (in PPRC or MTMM) or CONDLAST (in MTMM), to ensure proper GDPS response to Freeze events.
Note 14: DS8880 systems running R8.1 microcode in zOS environment must upgrade to or higher.
Note 15: DS8700/DS8800 Clients who prefer to migrate Remote Support from modem to AOS must be at R6.3 SP9 - or higher.  For DS8870, AOS is supported at R7.1 GA or higher.
Note 17: DS8700/DS8800 Clients using Global Mirror must be at R6.3 SP15.1 - or higher.
Note 18: DS8870 Possible Data Loss with applications using FlashCopy Fast Reverse Restore (FRR) with ESE volumes.
Note 19 : DS8880 Clients using small extents must be at R8.1 SP3 - or R8.2 SP2 - or higher
Note 20: DS8880 Clients running FlashCopy with Preserve Mirror, and/or CSM on z/OS with ESE volumes, must be at R8.2 SP3.2 - or higher.
Note 21: DS8880 systems below may be exposed to a temporary Loss of Access condition every 389 days
Note 22: DS8880 Clients running Global Mirror on R8.3 must be at R8.3 GA2 - or higher
Note 23: DS8880 Clients running Metro Mirror or Global Copy on R8.3 with ESE CKD volumes must be at R8.3 SP1 - or higher.
Note 24: DS8880 Clients running z Systems and Dataset Level FlashCopy on R8.3 must be at R8.3 SP1 - or higher.
Note 28: DS8880 Clients using SafeGuarded Copy must be at R8.5 SP1 - or higher
Note 30: DS8880 Clients on, or, using Metro-Global-Mirror on z/OS, must be at R8.5 SP2.2 - or higher.
Note 31: DS8880 Clients running Multi-Target PPRC must be at R8.5 GA2 - or higher.
Note 32: DS8880 Clients on, or, using Metro Mirror or Metro-Global-Mirror must be at R8.5 SP2.2 - or higher.

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU010","label":"Systems - Storage"},"Product":{"code":"ST8GLJ","label":"DS8900F"},"Component":"Not Applicable","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"Version Independent","Edition":"N/A"},{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU010","label":"Systems - Storage"},"Product":{"code":"ST5GLJ","label":"DS8880"},"Component":"Not Applicable","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"Version Independent","Edition":"N/A"},{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU010","label":"Systems - Storage"},"Product":{"code":"ST8NCA","label":"DS8870"},"Component":"Not Applicable","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"Version Independent","Edition":"N/A"}]

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