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Installing an IBM i Resave

Resave media should be used in the following situations:

Resave media consists of: the License Internal Code (I_BASE_01) and IBM i (57yy-SS1) B_GROUPx_01 (for 7.x.0). Instructions for installing Resaves can be found in the Installing, upgrading, or deleting IBM i and related software topic in the IBM Knowledge Center.

Replacing the Licensed Internal Code

How to order an IBM i Resave

The latest code is always shipped with a new IBM i order or an upgrade order for 5770-SS1 (IBM i 7.1.0, IBM i 7.2.0 or IBM i 7.3.0). To place your order for a Resave, use the e-config tool.

Another way to obtain the image is to go to Entitled Software Support and download.

IBM i 7.4.0

The configuration should show the following:

IBM i 7.3.0

The configuration should show the following:

IBM i 7.2.0

The configuration should show the following:

IBM i 7.1.0

The configuration should show the following:


Server Firmware in an IBM i Resave

Fixes for the server firmware are delivered as PTFs for an IBM i licensed program, and should be acquired separately. The product identifier that is used depends on the system model that you are running. After you have installed the Resave, you can determine the product identifier that is used for the server firmware fixes by using the DSPFMWSTS command. You can also enter DSPPTF LICPGM(*FMW) to view the PTFs for the server firmware product.

Additional Firmware Information

For more information regarding Server Firmware, browse the following resources:

Server Firmware for HMC managed systems

HMC code


Additional resources

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