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Following the GA of IBM i 7.1, IBM i point / modification releases have been replaced by a new release delivery mechanism called a Technology Refresh. A Technology Refresh is a collection of operating system software that is developed together, packaged together, tested together, and delivered together as a PTF Group for a base release.

The Technology Refresh PTF Group contains a Technology Refresh PTF plus related PTFs, including the most recent pre-GA fixes. The Technology Refresh PTF is Machine Code / Licensed Internal Code (57xx-999) and is part of the code stream of the base release, e.g., IBM i 7.1, rather than being a separate code stream, as is the case with a point release. A Resave associated with the Technology Refresh is also available.

A Technology Refresh may provide:

The Technology Refresh PTF Group, Resave, or PTF may be downloaded, requested on media, and installed using standard procedures and tools. It is recommended that customers either install the Technology Refresh PTF Group plus the most recent Cumulative PTF package, or the Technology Refresh Resave plus the most recent Cumulative PTF package plus the Technology Refresh PTF Group. When a Technology Refresh PTF Group, Resave, or PTF is installed, the system release level, e.g., V7R1M0, does not change.

A Technology Refresh should be installed:

It is a best practice to keep the system up to date with the latest Technology Refresh PTF Group installed, to avoid unnecessary down time. To determine the Technology Refresh level needed for a specific hardware feature code, refer to the IBM Prerequisite tool. Detailed description of Technology Refresh content can be found in IBM Developer, under IBM i Technology Updates Hardware and Firmware. The PTF Cover Letter, or Preventive Server Planning (PSP) information, will identify whether a Technology Refresh is a requisite for that PTF. If a PTF has a Technology Refresh requisite, the Technology Refresh PTF must be permanently applied before the PTF that requires it can be loaded.


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