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Does the bash shell installed by the AIX 7.3 bash.rte file set support multiple locales?


Currently,  AIX 7.3 bash.rte supports 39 different languages message catalog (.mo) files.


Multi-lingual support features:

  • Built-in support for the getttext library, a framework that provides internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) services.
  • Supports the locale's decimal and thousands separators.
  • Supports character printing by Unicode code points.
#  echo -e '\u00C9'
# printf '\xc3\x89\x0a'
# a=$'\303\211';echo $a
  • Supports UTF-8 and non-UTF-8 messages in most locales.
Locale categories (LC_CTYPE, LC_NUMERIC, LC_TIME, LC_COLLATE, LC_MONETARY, LC_MESSAGES) were tested for the following locales:
af: af_ZA.UTF-8
bg: BG_BG.UTF-8 (BG_BG), bg_BG.UTF-8
ca: CA_ES.UTF-8 (CA_ES), ca_ES.UTF-8
cs: CS_CZ.UTF-8 (CS_CZ), cs_CZ.UTF-8       
da: DA_DK.UTF-8 (DA_DK), da_DK.UTF-8
de: DE_AT.UTF-8 (DE_AT), DE_CH.UTF-8 (DE_CH), DE_DE.UTF-8 (DE_DE), DE_LU.UTF-8 (DE_LU), de_AT.UTF-8, de_CH.UTF-8, de_DE.UTF-8, de_LU.UTF-8
el: EL_GR.UTF-8 (EL_GR), el_GR.UTF-8
en: EN_AU.UTF-8 (EN_AU), EN_BE.UTF-8 (EN_BE), EN_CA.UTF-8 (EN_CA), EN_GB.UTF-8 (EN_GB), EN_HK.UTF-8 (EN_HK), EN_IE.UTF-8 (EN_IE), EN_IN.UTF-8 (EN_IN), EN_NZ.UTF-8 (EN_NZ), EN_PH.UTF-8 (EN_PH), EN_SG.UTF-8 (EN_SG), EN_US.UTF-8 (EN_US), EN_ZA.UTF-8 (EN_ZA), en_AU.UTF-8, en_BE.UTF-8, en_CA.UTF-8, en_CM.UTF-8, en_GB.UTF-8, en_GH.UTF-8, en_HK.UTF-8, en_IE.UTF-8, , en_IN.UTF-8, en_KE.UTF-8, en_MU.UTF-8, en_NG.UTF-8, en_NZ.UTF-8, en_PH.UTF-8, en_SG.UTF-8, en_TZ.UTF-8, en_US.UTF-8, en_ZA.UTF-8, en_ZM.UTF-8
es:  ES_AR.UTF-8 (ES_AR), ES_BO.UTF-8 (ES_BO), ES_CL.UTF-8 (ES_CL), ES_CO.UTF-8 (ES_CO), ES_CR.UTF-8 (ES_CR), ES_DO.UTF-8 (ES_DO), ES_EC.UTF-8 (ES_EC), ES_ES.UTF-8 (ES_ES), ES_GT.UTF-8 (ES_GT), ES_HN.UTF-8 (ES_HN), ES_MX.UTF-8 (ES_MX), ES_NI.UTF-8 (ES_NI), ES_PA.UTF-8 (ES_PA), ES_PE.UTF-8 (ES_PE), ES_PR.UTF-8 (ES_PR), ES_PY.UTF-8 (ES_PY), ES_SV.UTF-8 (ES_SV), ES_US.UTF-8 (ES_US), ES_UY.UTF-8 (ES_UY), ES_VE.UTF-8 (ES_VE), es_AR.UTF-8, es_BO.UTF-8, es_CL.UTF-8, es_CO.UTF-8, es_CR.UTF-8, es_DO.UTF-8, es_EC.UTF-8, es_ES.UTF-8, es_GT.UTF-8, es_HN.UTF-8, es_MX.UTF-8, es_NI.UTF-8, es_PA.UTF-8, es_PE.UTF-8, es_PR.UTF-8, es_PY.UTF-8, es_SV.UTF-8, es_US.UTF-8, es_UY.UTF-8, es_VE.UTF-8
et: ET_EE.UTF-8 (ET_EE), et_EE.UTF-8
fi:        FI_FI.UTF-8 (FI_F), fi_FI.UTF-8     
fr: FR_BE.UTF-8 (FR_BE), FR_CA.UTF-8 (FR_CA), FR_CH.UTF-8 (FR_CH), FR_FR.UTF-8 (FR_FR), FR_LU.UTF-8 (FR_LU), fr_BE.UTF-8, fr_CA.UTF-8, fr_CH.UTF-8, fr_CI.UTF-8, fr_CM.UTF-8, fr_DZ.UTF-8, fr_MA.UTF-8, fr_MR.UTF-8, fr_MU.UTF-8, fr_FR.UTF-8, fr_SN.UTF-8, fr_TN.UTF-8, fr_LU.UTF-8
gl: gl_ES.UTF-8
hr: HR_HR.UTF-8 (HR_HR), hr_HR.UTF-8
hu:       HU_HU.UTF-8 (HU_H), hu_HU.UTF-8
id: ID_ID.UTF-8 (ID_ID), id_ID.8859-15, id_ID.UTF-8, id_ID
it:        IT_CH.UTF-8 (IT_CH), IT_IT.UTF-8 (IT_IT), it_CH.UTF-8, it_IT.UTF-8
ja:        JA_JP.UTF-8 (JA_JP), ja_JP.UTF-8
ko: KO_KR.UTF-8 (KO_KR), ko_KR.UTF-8
lt: LT_LT.UTF-8 (LT_LT), lt_LT.UTF-8
nb: nb_NO.UTF-8
nl: NL_BE.UTF-8 (NL_BE), NL_NL.UTF-8 (NL_NL), nl_BE.UTF-8, nl_NL.UTF-8
pl:        PL_PL.UTF-8 (PL_PL), pl_PL.UTF-8
pt: PT_PT.UTF-8 (PT_PT), pt_PT.UTF-8
pt_BR: PT_BR.UTF-8 (PT_BR), pt_BR.UTF-8
ro: RO_RO.UTF-8 (RO_RO), ro_RO.UTF-8                
ru: RU_RU.UTF-8 (RU_RU), ru_RU.UTF-8
sk: SK_SK.UTF-8 (SK_SK), sk_SK.UTF-8
sl:        SL_SI.UTF-8 (SL_SI), sl_SI.UTF-8
sr:        SR_SP.UTF-8 (SR_SP), SR_YU.UTF-8 (SR_YU), sr_Cyrl_RS.UTF-8, sr_Latn_ME.UTF-8, sr_ME.UTF-8, sr_Latn_RS.UTF-8, sr_RS.UTF-8
sv:       SV_SE.UTF-8 (SV_SE), sv_SE.UTF-8
tr:      TR_TR.UTF-8 (TR_TR), tr_TR.UTF-8
uk: UK_UA.UTF-8 (UK_UA), uk_UA.UTF-8
vi: VI_VN.UTF-8 (VI_VN), vi_VN.UTF-8
zh_CN: ZH_CN.UTF-8 (ZH_CN), zh_CN.UTF-8
zh_TW: ZH_TW.UTF-8 (ZH_TW), zh_TW.UTF-8

The following locales are not currently provided by AIX, but are candidates for future enablement.

eo - Esperanto

ga - Irish


A) Usage support for bash

For example,  
- Syntax
- Shell programming and scripting
- General usage questions

The Open Source project communities (for example, are the best source for full usage expertise, since that is where the product developers engage with users.

 - For Bash community expertise, see the Help-Bash page.
 - Read the GNU Bash manual

Additionally, the  IBM Development team, and members of the AIX Open Source community will answer questions, if possible, on the AIX Open Source Community Forum.

   -- Search for existing answers, then select "Post a Message" in the discussion section.
If you experience technical issues accessing the AIX Open Source community or forum, refer to the footer of the IBM Community forum page.
There is email, and "Contact Us" information for community support

B) Runtime support for bash.rte

If there is a problem with installing or updating the bash.rte file set, or loading a bash.rte file, you can open an AIX Case (See C) for assistance.

Examples of bash.rte issues supported through AIX Support:
- Errors updating or migrating the bash.rte file set
- Commands from the bash.rte file set do not run, or core dump
- Unexpected behavior, compared to GNU Bash documentation
C) Opening an AIX Support Case

If more assistance is required due to issues with the bash.rte file set (see preceding B section), use the following step-by-step instructions to contact IBM to open a case for software with an active and valid support contract.  

1. Document (or collect screen captures of) all symptoms, errors, and messages related to your issue.

2. Capture any logs or data relevant to the situation.

3. Contact IBM to open a case:

   -For electronic support, see the IBM Support Community:
   -If you require telephone support, see the web page:

4. Provide a clear, concise description of the issue.

 - For more information, see: Working with IBM AIX Support: Describing the problem.

5. If the system is accessible, collect a system snap, and upload all of the details and data for your case.

 - For more information, see: Working with IBM AIX Support: Collecting snap data

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